4KIP200/HDIP100 HDMI over IP Matrix

The industry’s first zero-configuration 4K/1080P AV over IP solution, which includes 4KIP200 and HDIP100. Easier than ever to build a distributed IP matrix with video wall function on your palms.

Note: We also have JPEG2000 and SDVoE series AV over IP matrix solutions, which are not released on our site yet. Please refer to the link “Customize AV over IP Solution” for more details.

New Zero-Configuration 4K AV over IP Encoder/Decoder


SKU: 4KIP200E/4KIP200D


HDIP120 HDMI over IP Extender

Ultra-low cost, reliable performance, super easy to use. Able to function as an extender splitter combo when working with an Ethernet switch, ideal for various scenarios.

Economical 1080P HDMI over IP Extender Kit




4KIP100-KVM KVM over IP Extender

Transmits 4K HDMI and USB signals up to 120m/390ft over a single CATx cable. Also supports multiple one-to-one extension via an Ethernet switch, ideal for data control centers, video surveillance centers, government, etc.

4K HDMI KVM Extender over IP Kit




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No matter it’s a sports bar, retail store, house of worship, government agency, university campus, control center or other scenario, our AV over IP solutions can function as an HDMI extender, splitter or distributed IP matrix, to transmit splendid audio and vivid video. Some of the applications are as follows:

Sports Bar & Restaurant

Adopt the 4KIP200 4K AV over IP solution in your sports bar, to meet all your needs for AV extension, distribution, switching, video wall and mobile centralized control. It ensures your patrons enjoy the best screen viewing experience possible.


House of Worship

Utilize the economical HDIP120 HDMI over IP extender solution to distribute an HDMI source to multiple displays in your church. It can grant your priest or pastor with a seamless and user-friendly setup to communicate content and information to your parish.


University Campus

Install 4KIP100-KVM KVM over IP extenders in your school’s equipment room to transmit 4K HDMI and USB 2.0 signals to distant displays across the building. Create a digital campus where all information are properly disseminated.


Government Agency

Adopt 4KIP200/4KIP100-KVM AV over IP solution in your control room to disseminate information and publicize announcements to distant locations in the building. It helps communicate, collaborate and provide quality services for citizens.


Looking for a solution tailored to your business?

Top-quality AV over IP product & solution tailored to your project, 2-year extended warranty & exclusive partner discounts.


AV Access AV over IP kit is composed of a transmitter (encoder) and a receiver (decoder). It takes an HDMI signal from an AV source, such as a STB or PC and passes it through an encoder, which breaks it down into manageable chunks of digital data called packets. Then, this data travels through the network and is converted back into a compatible AV signal when it reaches the decoder. Working with a universal Ethernet switch, our AV over IP products can build an HDMI extender, a splitter, a switch, an extender splitter combo or a matrix.


If you want to learn more about our AV over IP solutions, here are some guides and user cases for your reference.


1. What is AV over IP?

AV over IP stands for “Audiovisual over Internet Protocol”. It is the transmission of audio, video and control signals over a network cable infrastructure, like WAN, LAN or the Internet. Different from conventional analogue AV environments, AV over IP commonly refers to the use of standard network equipment to switch and transmit audio/video signals.

2. What are the benefits of AV over IP?

Compared with traditional AV solutions, AV over IP solutions boast more flexibility and scalability. The number of sources and displays attached is no longer limited. Even when physical ports run out, multiple IP switches can be connected to expand. They also break the distance barriers and allow you to have better ratio of inputs to outputs.

3. What is the main difference between HDIP100 and HDIP120 AV over IP solution?

Different from HDIP120 AV over IP solution, HDIP100 supports video wall up to 8×8 and easy visual control with mobile App. There is no need to configure your Ethernet switch to build a distributed IP matrix system. With HDIP120, you need to configure VLAN on your Ethernet switch for matrix switching. What’s more, HDIP120 features HDMI local output and IR remote control, which HDIP100 doesn’t support.

If you need to build an IP matrix with video wall, HDIP100 is the right solution for you. If you only need HDMI extension and splitting, HDIP120 is a more economical option for you, priced only at $79.99 (a transmitter and receiver kit) on our site.

4. What is the main difference between HDIP100 and 4KP200 AV over IP solution?

Different from HDIP100 1080P AV over IP solution, 4KIP200 supports up to 4K@30hz video input/output. This is the only difference between these two models, and other features are the same.

5. What are the main features of the 4KIP200 AV over IP solution?

The 4KIP200 4K AV over IP solution is easy-to-use and plug-n-play. The HDMI encoder/decoder can work easily with any universal managed or unmanaged Ethernet switch on the market. It features matrix switching, video wall support, easy visual control, H.265 codec, fast seamless switching and other amazing features.

6. Where can I use the 4KIP200 AV over IP solution?

This easy-to-use and plug-n-play AV over IP solution features matrix switching, video wall and visual control. It is ideal for wide applications like sports bar, restaurant, shopping mall, retail store, house of worship, casino, college and university, etc.

7. Where can I use the HDIP120 AV over IP solution?

This easy-to-use and plug-n-play AV over IP solution is ideal for sports bar, church, restaurant, home surveillance, broadcasting station or other scenarios where you need HDMI signal extension and splitting.

8. What kind of Ethernet switch can work with 4KIP100-KVM KVM over IP extender?

A gigabyte ethernet switch (1G for each port) will work. If you are connecting a good number of devices, check the specs and make sure the switch is capable of transmitting them all at the same time.

9. Does the 4KIP100-KVM KVM over IP extender support one-to-many connection?

Not exactly. You can toggle the DIP switch to change the routing but they still work in pair.

10. What is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a large display system that is made up of multiple smaller displays (usually flat-screen LCD or LED displays) that are tiled together to create one large display surface. The individual displays are often mounted in a matrix configuration to create a seamless, wall-sized image.

With the 4KIP200 AV over IP solution, you can easily build a distributed 4K IP matrix system with a video wall up to 8×8, ideal for sports bar, house of worship, shopping mall, etc.


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