Application of 4K AV over IP Solution in Your Sports Bar to Boost Business

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When patrons visit your sports bar or restaurant, they are looking for more than simply delicious food and drinks. They are seeking a wonderful viewing experience as well. Audio and video are crucial parts of that experience, so it is necessary to spend more money on the related equipment. Imagine if there were no large and clear TV displays streaming programs in your sports bar, like during the last year’s Qatar World Cup, no customers would even come in and order any drinks.

Especially if you own a medium or large-sized sports bar, the deployment of audio/video sources and display devices is vital to your business. AV Access has introduced the 4KIP200 4K AV over IP solution recently, which can meet all your needs for AV distribution and boost your business. The encoders and decoders can work together to build a distributed 4K IP matrix with a video wall up to 8×8.

Here are 3 main reasons why you need it:

No Configuration Required, Friendly to All Users

IP-based AV products usually utilize different network protocols for different tasks. The network protocol can be UDP/IP and TCP/IP, and the transmission mode can be broadcast, unicast and multicast. If your AV over IP solution supports unicast streaming, you don’t even need to configure IGMP on your Ethernet switch to build an IP matrix system.

The 4KIP200 4K AV over IP solution supports both unicast and multicast streaming. It can work flawlessly with universal managed or unmanaged Ethernet switches on the market. Simply connect all devices to your Ethernet switch and download the control software, then you can build a distributed IP matrix with a video wall just on your palms.

Thus, when you are about to set up a brand-new AV system in your sports bars, you don’t have to seek help from a professional installer. Even if you are not exposed to any IP knowledge before, you can complete the installation of this AV over IP solution effortlessly. In other words, it saves you time and money spent on installation.

AV Access 4KIP200 AV over IP Solution_ Zero Configuration, Plug & Play

Easy Visual Control on Your Palms

The 4KIP200 4K AV over IP solution is compatible with various devices. You can install the “VDirector” App on your mobile devices for visual control, like iPhone and iPad, Android smartphone and tablet, Windows PC and tablet, etc.

When your customers ask your staff to switch to another program on the central large video wall in front of the counter, they can operate it quickly with no hassles. With the visualized and user-friendly VDirector App, your waiters can preview all sources and preset different scenarios, switch any source to any or all displays, drag-and-drop to perform matrix switching, create a video wall up to 8×8 instantly, and enable the CEC function to turn on/off all connected displays.

Furthermore, AV Access R&D team is developing a new version of VDirector, to add more functions to it, like volume adjustment, grouping of codecs, image rotation, etc. hi

AV Access 4KIP200 AV over IP Solution_ Visual Control on Palms

Effortless Centralized Management of All Devices

If you are the owner of a mid-sized or large sports bar, you usually need to install a large display screen in the central area like a large TV, project screen or video wall. You probably also need to place individual screens at each booth or table.

In terms of audio/video sources, your IT staff may put them all in an equipment room, like set-top box, DVD, PC, Ethernet switch and wireless router for better centralized management. In general, the larger your sports bar is, the more sources and screens you need. However, how can you effectively distribute the sources in the equipment room to the far-end display devices? In this situation, you can employ the 4KIP200 AV over IP solution.

The HDMI encoders and decoders can work together via an Ethernet switch to transmit 4K ultra HD video signals up to 394ft/120m. With a centralized control system, your staff can spend less time looking for remotes and more time mixing drinks. Also, they can quickly manage all of A/V systems from a single remote or tablet.

What’s more, the 4KIP200 4K AV over IP solution supports other practical functions, like the advanced H.265 codec, HDMI audio extraction, PoE, RS232 pass-through, fast seamless switching, etc. Some of these features indicate that you can not only extract the HDMI audio to a stereo speaker, but also integrate it into a 3rd party control system.

AV Access HDIP100 AV over IP Solution_Connection Diagram for Sports Bar


The 4KIP200 4K AV over IP solution is perfect for a medium or large-sized sports bar. It boasts a plug-n-play design, matrix switching, video wall support, easy visual control, H.265 codec, fast seamless switching, etc. With these unique features, it can meet all your needs for AV extension, distribution, switching, video wall and mobile centralized control. It ensures your patrons enjoy the best screen viewing experience possible, which helps boost your business.

4KIP200 can also be applied to a shopping mall, retail store, house of worship, casino, large meeting room, etc. That’s all for the blog. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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