How Can AV Integrators Better Serve Churches?

How Can AV Integrators Better Serve Churches

The AV installation needs for a church can be totally different from that of a meeting room or a retail shop. How can an AV integrator better serve a church? The starting point is to understand the unique needs of church AV. After that, search around and find the right product and solutions that are effective.  

Unique Needs of Church AV

What are the needs for regular Church AV? To better serve churches, integrators shall recognize and access the following key aspects.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Churches are versatile spaces used for various purposes, such as worship services, educational programs, and community events. The AV system for the church should be designed to accommodate these events, and have the flexibility to enable seamless transitions between different activities.

Live Streaming

Since 2020, many services started to connect to people remotely via the Internet. Livestreaming church services become usual and you can still find on YouTube that many community churches have their own channel and share their events on the platform. You can even watch a whole year of Sunday sermons to learn with people from the church.

Ease of Use

Many church AV systems are operated by volunteers who may not have extensive technical expertise. Some AV systems are powerful but too complicated to understand and manage for outsiders or even amateurs. It’s smarter for integrators to choose a system with user-friendly interfaces so that volunteers can manage it with no hassle.

Aesthetic Installation

Many church AV systems are operated by volunteers who may not have extensive technical expertise. Except for all the practical considerations for AV uses, aesthetics is also important for the church. Integrators must take interior visual impact into consideration. You don’t need to make art but at least have the system fit in.

Effective Church AV Integration

Here are some installations that most churches would need and if you are dedicated to Church AV integration and decide to make it your niche, these are the fields you can dig into.

Video Wall Design

Churches are all designed to accommodate a fair group of people for group activities. They are of different sizes. However, they all need a big enough display to have information clearly presented to their people. 

A video wall or digital signage is widely used for this purpose. A single video wall processor is an easy solution. While it may not meet the needs of regular churches. There may be multiple video sources coming in from a distance and this requires not only video wall processing but also video extension, and switching features.

AV over IP solutions are the best fit in most cases. They are scalable, flexible, and versatile combining the functions of switching, splitting, and extending the video signals altogether.

Band Live Streaming

If the church is looking to live stream its services, including sermons, worship, or band performances, the AV system shall be able to integrate the video and audio equipment into a centralized control system and handle successful live streaming.

What elements are needed for the church livestream setup? The essential parts are cameras for the recording/live streaming, an audio system including mics for instruments, the music, and the host, an audio mixer, speakerphones to broadcast to the on-site audience, etc.

Except for this must-have AV hardware, the challenging part is how to integrate them properly into a sustainable, convenient system that every part of it works smoothly together. There are some details to be considered, for example, how to link the audio interface on the stage to the laptop at the control corner when the distance exceeds the limit of a regular USB cable.


For a more advanced Church AV system, lighting integration may also be included to create a certain vibe for the sacred gathering place. Lighting is not always necessary, and it’s more about tech and art. So if you are stepping into this, you’d better have a team who is professional and specialized in this area.


In conclusion, the role of AV integrators in serving churches extends beyond technical expertise to encompass a deep understanding of the spiritual and communal aspects of congregational life. 

By customizing solutions, fostering collaboration, and staying attuned to the evolving needs of churches, integrators can enhance significantly people’s worship experience.