Barco ClickShare vs AV Access eShare: Which is the Better Presentation System?

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With the ensuing lockdown caused by the pandemic, hybrid meetings have become increasingly popular among employees worldwide. In a hybrid meeting, some participants attend in-person from one location, like an office space or event room, while others join remotely via conferencing software, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Among various hybrid meeting solutions on the market, Barco Clickshare is one of the most popular solutions in recent years. However, some emerging solutions like AV Access eShare series have also injected vitality into the whole market, with the easy-to-use and cost-effective features. In this blog, I will make a comparison between eShare W50 and ClickShare CX-20 presentation system, so you can find out which solution suits you better for your hybrid meeting.

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Interface & Video Resolution

In terms of audio/video interface, AV Access eShare W50 wireless presentation system is built with an HDMI and a USB-C port for video input, as well as an HDMI output port. However, Barco ClickShare CX-20 is not built with any video input port at all! It only has an HDMI output port for connecting to the display device. If you prefer a pure wireless connection method, working on a tidy meeting table, CX-20 is the right one for you. Perhaps you prefer traditional wired connection, worrying about if your co-workers may encounter problems in wireless connection. In this situation, eShare W50 offers you an extra wired connection method. As for video resolution, eShare W50 supports up to 4K@30Hz wired input. CX-20 supports up to 4K@30Hz video output, so does eShare W50.

In terms of USB interface, AV Access eShare W50 presentation system is designed with three USB 3.0 type-A ports, the data transfer rate of which can reach up to 5Gbp/s. It can work with AV Access BizEye80 4K webcam, AnyCo A5 full-duplex speakerphone, touch screen, or other USB 3.0 conference devices. By contrast, CX-20 is built with one USB 2.0 type-A and one USB 2.0 type-C, so you can only connect up to two USB peripherals.

Wireless Casting & Button Dongle

In terms of wireless casting, AV Access eShare W50 presentation system supports screen casting via AirPlay, and Miracast, while Barco ClickShare CX-20 additionally supports Google Cast. They are all compatible with different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. In a hybrid meeting, you can just bring your laptop, smartphone or tablet, and cast your screen wirelessly with both devices.

Besides, both eShare W50 and ClickShare CX-20 work with the button dongle (also known as “display transmitter”) for wireless screen casting. Just like eShare W50, which works with AV Access’s USB-C dongle (model: eShare D10) in a kit, ClickShare CX-20 comes with a USB-C dongle called “the Button”. Both dongles can pair with the corresponding presentation box easily once inserted into the paring port. The major difference lies in the fact that CX-20 requires you to install a software application called ‘ClickShare Desktop App” for wireless casting with its dongle. If your IT environment doesn’t allow you to install any software, perhaps eShare W50+D10 is a better solution for you. Built with a system driver inside, the eShare D10 USB-C dongle allows you to connect to eShare W50 and share your screen instantly with just a click of the button, no extra software application required.

There are also some major differences between AV Access eShare W50 and Barco ClickShare CX-20 wireless presentation system. The comparison chart below is for your reference.

AV Access Blog_Comparison Chart, ClickShare VS eShare


AV Access eShare W50 and Barco ClickShare CX-20 wireless presentation systems both provide an ideal solution for hybrid meetings in small/medium meeting rooms and huddle spaces. They offer you different options as they have different features and prices. First of all, if your budget is limited, eShare W50 is a more cost-effective choice for you, since the eShare W50+D10 kit is only priced at $493.98 on AV Access’s official site. By contrast, CickShare CX-20 (comes with the button dongle) will cost you $1950, 4 times the price of the eShare W50+D10 kit! As for installation, ClickShare can make your table tidy by providing a pure wireless connection method. And it is still one of the most popular conferencing solution brands for its premium quality and stable performance. What’s more, if you still need a wired input method and prefer USB 3.0 ports, eShare W50+D10 is the right one for you. It works with AV Access BizEye80 4K webcam and AnyCo A5 speakerphone, so you can also purchase them together in a kit, which only costs you $713.43.

That’s all for the blog. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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