Benefits of Using a Wireless HDMI Extender in Home Theater Application

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With the rapid development of home and office technologies, wireless HDMI extenders are becoming more popular among users. They allow you to transmit HD signal from a source to a TV or another monitor, all without wires. This technology is especially useful when your source device and TV are located in different rooms, as it is able to transmit wireless signal through walls. However, some of you may worry about if the signal will stay stable or if the image will get blurred. Should you use a wireless HDMI extender in your home theater application? Let’s look at its benefits one by one.

Reduce Cable Clutter

A wired HDMI extender kit is frequently used to extend the video source by running a CATx cable over a long distance. However, it often requires drilling holes, running cables all over the wall and even professional guidance from an installer. A clutter of cables can also create an unattractive and potentially dangerous environment. You may trip and fall on the cords and sometimes they don’t exactly compliment your base boards nicely. That’s why a wireless HDMI extender really helps in this situation.

It usually includes a transmitter, a receiver, and IR extension cables. Just connect the transmitter to your source device via HDMI cable, and connect the receiver to your display via HDMI cable, then power on both units. Bingo, you have just created a wireless connection between two devices within a minute. AV Access HDW100 wireless HDMI extender kit is highly recommended here. Once powered on, HDW100 transmitter and receiver can automatically get paired within the appropriate range. No software driver or complicated setting is required; just plug and play.

Ease of Adjustment and Placement

You don’t have to run a long Ethernet cable through, around, over, and under obstacles. Just connect your media device to the transmitter and display to the receiver, then turn on all devices. What if you want to move the receiver to another display? You can even do it without the inconvenience of dragging a long ethernet cable around! Install a high-quality wireless extender like AV Access HDW100 can transmit 1080P HDMI signal wirelessly up to 200m/656ft in an open field. Even if there is an interior drywall or other obstructions between the transmitter and the receiver, the signal can still transmit 10m-50m(32ft-165ft), stable and reliable.

Besides, wireless HDMI extenders tend to have a compact and portable size. They can provide the ultimate flexibility when it comes to placing your source device and TV where you want. You can bypass wired solutions which confine you to locations based on available cabling, while keeping your source device in a secure location. Wireless HDMI can extend audio and video to hardly accessible locations where cabling and drilling though walls isn’t practical. What’s more, it optimizes the viewing experience for audiences at a presentation or a demo station by enhancing the placement of your display.

No Wi-Fi Needed

A common misconception is that a wireless HDMI system depends on a Wi-Fi network. Most wireless HDMI extenders are built with wireless modules that guarantee the transmitter can extend lossless audio and video signal to the receiver in a point-to-point way. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth consumption over your network as well as Internet cutting out and losing signal. What’s more, with powerful wireless HDMI extenders like AV Access HDW200, you can deploy up to 5 independent pairs in the same zone without interference. Thus, you can build a complete and robust wireless system in your house to easily extend your HDMI sources to the far-end display devices.

The above are the major benefits of using a wireless HDMI extender kit in your home theater application. It is quite easy to install, flexible to place, requires no Wi-Fi, and saves time and energy. We hope this article will be helpful to you.

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2 thoughts on “Benefits of Using a Wireless HDMI Extender in Home Theater Application

  1. Bryan Fury says:

    FullHD is yesterday, am looking for wireless 4k HDCP 2.2 with HDR 10, 10+, DV and at leasy 60 Hz.

  2. Shane Jiang says:

    Hi Bryan, thank you for your comment. I am sorry that we don’t have any 4K wireless HDMI extenders at present. However, I have conveyed your need to our R&D. Once it is available, we will contact you via email. Thanks!

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