Best KVM Switches in 2023 for Home Office & Gaming

best kvm switch

For professionals who work from home with multiple computers or users seeking a seamless switch between work and entertainment with a single setup, KVM switches are a brilliant creation that makes things happen.

Among the leading ProAV manufacturers, AV Access has established itself as a brand that provides solid-built KVM switches which have the best value for money on the market.

In this blog, we’ll be walking through a selection of the best KVM switches in 2023 and present you with the choices to bring your setup to the next level.

HDMI 2.1 KVM Switch for a Single-view Setup

This HDMI KVM switch (8KSW21-KVM) supports high resolutions and refresh rates up to 8K@120hz and with DSC, this will go up to 10K@120hz. This is a single monitor model and it is built with a 5-port USB hub and a 3.5mm port for a headphone with a mic.

This is a perfect pick for users who have basic needs of switching between 2 devices for a single-screen setup and want high resolutions and refresh rates for vivid view and immersive gaming.

HDMI 2.1 KVM Switch for a Single-view Setup
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DisplayPort 1.4 KVM Switch for Dual Monitors

This is a DisplayPort 1.4 dual monitor KVM switch (8KSW21DP-DM) that supports 8K@60hz, 4K@165hz, and 1080P@240hz. Your devices might not have enough HDMI ports for a dual-view connection, and a DisplayPort KVM switch would be more friendly for this.

The model offers five USB ports for all your peripherals and rich switching methods – IR remote, switch button, and Hotkey. If you do multi-tasking a lot and would love to switch 2 computers between a dual monitor setup, this is what you shall try. For a video editor, a programmer, a graphic designer, or a gamer, you deserve the DisplayPort 1.4 which brings you brilliant images and an immersive gaming experience.

best kvm switch for displayport setup
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USB KVM Switch for Your Dual-view Setup

This KVM switch (4KSW21-DM) supports video up to 4K@60hz (4:4:4) and dual HDMI Out for two screens. It is built with a USB switch feature so that you can switch between KVM mode and USB mode. USB mode allows you to display both systems on your dual screens and work on them by just routing the USB connection.

Connect your PS5/Nintendo Switch and work PC to the switch and you can easily switch between work and entertainment.

USB KVM Switch for Your Dual-view Setup
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USB-C KVM Switch with Docking Station

AV Access has taken KVM switches to the next level by integrating a docking station into their 4KSW21-DK model. This innovative combination of a KVM switch and docking station offers a unified solution for professionals who need to connect a laptop and a PC and share two monitors, USB devices, and many other devices like an SD card and an S/PDIF amplifier between them.

You will love the design. There is an Ethernet port on the KVM to offer a stable connection for your laptop. The USB-C is a 60W charging port and will constantly keep your laptop charged. This port also is MST-supported so that you can connect your laptop to two displays with only one cable.

With the 4KSW21-DK, you can switch between your laptop and PC, and connect various USB devices effortlessly, streamlining your workspace and reducing cable clutter.

best KVM switch with docking
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More USB-C KVM Switches

There are more USB-C KVM switches coming out! For users who want to connect more devices altogether, we are working on these two brand-new models (coming soon in a few months): 

Three-in-one KVM for Home Office

New 3×1 4K Dual Monitor USB C HDMI KVM Switch USB 3.0 Hub 65W Charging for Laptop 1080P@240 165hz 2560×1440@144 120hz e1690252851726

4KSW31C-DM is a 3 In 1 Out KVM switch that supports DisplayPort 1.4a (USB-C) and HDMI 2.0 for a dual monitor setup. You can connect to your laptop, desktop PC, and game consoles. The full-featured USB-C port will be charging your laptop with up to 65W.

This KVM also supports auto PC wakeup and EDID emulation so that your desktop will always be neat and in order.

Four-in-one KVM for Gaming

AV Access 4KSW41C KVM USB C HDMI Switch Front Panel Pic e1690252885834

4KSW41C-KVM is a model that supports 4 In 1 Out to connect your HDMI and USB-C devices. If you’re an enthusiastic gamer and have everything like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Steam, this is a good pick to build up your entertainment center and connect them all together.


You might be looking for the best KVM switch in 2023. The possibility to do that is to have enough options to choose from, know your needs and learn about the product. 

These KVM switches are the best to choose from and as they meet various needs, you’ll find the one that matches. You can find more information on our YouTube Channel! Any questions, you’re free to contact your support at Have fun!