How to Connect Your Work Laptop and Home Laptop to 2 Monitors?



Most people who work in the tech industry may need two or more laptops for multitasking. However, a laptop screen is too small to work for a long time. Having dual monitors to extend the laptop display will offer a more comfortable visual experience. The extra screen space makes multitasking easier and your work more efficient. Well, connecting two laptops to dual monitors could be troublesome – lack of ports, wrong connector types, frequent plugging and unplugging to switch between devices, etc.

In this blog, I’ll share a solution to switching between two laptops effortlessly without the need for unplugging and plugging each time. Let’s see what challenges you may face first.

Challenges in Connecting Two Laptops to Dual Monitors

Limited Ports

Laptops often have a limited number of video output ports, which can pose challenges when setting up multiple monitors. For instance, some laptops do not have an HDMI port for display and only feature a single USB-C port for charging or display. When using a monitor, the laptop may face the dilemma of inefficient power. This will shorten your working time and affect work efficiency.

Wrong Connector Types

Some laptops are not designed with an HDMI port for display, and they only have a USB-C port for output. Most monitors are equipped with HDMI input ports, which can restrict the laptop to additional displays. When you’d like to connect the laptops to monitors without a USB-C port, you may need to buy a USB-C to HDMI cable or a switch for the setting.

Frequently Switching Cables

When equipped with only one set of keyboard and mouse, switching between two laptops can be cumbersome. You have to unplug and plug in the peripherals each time when you change your work laptop to your personal laptop. It is inconvenient and wastes your time. Sometimes you may also need to adjust your chair or the laptop’s position.

iDock C20 KVM Switch Docking Station as a Solution

This iDock C20 KVM switch docking station from AV Access offers an ideal solution for users who need to connect two laptops to two monitors.

Dual USB-C with Power Delivery

AV Access iDock C20 USB-C KVM Switch Docking Station_ Connect, Charge, Transmit Data, All at Once

It boasts two full-featured USB-C ports for connecting your two laptops. With these two USB-C ports, you can input 4K video and transmit data up to 5Gbp/s. What‘s more, as you engage in work or play, both laptops are charged with up to 60W. It ensures that your laptops remain powered up and ready to go, even during prolonged work sessions or intensive gaming sessions.

Two HDMI for Dual Monitors

AV Access iDock C20 USB-C KVM Switch Docking Station_ For 2 Monitors_ NEW

The iDock C20 also includes two HDMI outputs, allowing you to connect two monitors without the hassle of constantly unplugging and re-plugging cables. With the iDock C20, you can easily extend your workspace across multiple monitors, enhancing your productivity.

Eight Ports for Peripherals

Featuring 2 USB 3.0 ports, iDock C20 can be used to connect your camera or printer, letting you easily manage and transfer data directly from your laptops. With 4 extra USB 2.0 ports, it’s ready for keyboards, mice, and others, ensuring your workspace stays efficient and high-performing.

Other than USB ports, iDock C20 also offers other ports to meet different needs. It is designed with an ethernet port for speedy internet and a built-in SD card reader for quick data transfers. When you need to use an earphone or a headphone, it also has a 3.5mm port for better audio. Simplify your tech setup and make your workspace more versatile and productive with the iDock C20.

How to Connect Two Laptops to Two Monitors by iDock C20

Before diving into the setup, ensure that both of your laptops support multiple displays. Confirm that your laptops have the necessary display outputs, whether it’s USB-C or Thunderbolt. Additionally, check that your monitors are equipped with HDMI input ports to facilitate smooth connectivity.

  • Firstly, use two USB-C to USB-C cables to connect each laptop to the USB-C ports on the iDock C20. This establishes a secure and reliable connection between your laptops and the docking station.
  • Secondly, employ two HDMI cables to connect your two monitors to the HDMI ports on the back of the iDock C20. This eliminates the need to constantly unplug and replug your monitors, providing a hassle-free dual monitor experience.
  • Thirdly, connect your keyboard, mouse, and any other peripherals you require to the USB ports on the back panel of the iDock C20. This centralizes your peripherals, reducing cable clutter on your desk.
  • Lastly, connect the iDock C20 to a power source to ensure uninterrupted functionality. For internet connectivity, use an Ethernet cable to provide a stable and reliable internet connection to both laptops.

You can effortlessly switch between your laptops using the front button on the iDock C20. Additionally, a wired remote controller will soon be available for an even more convenient switching experience.


The iDock C20 KVM switch docking station is a powerful solution for those who need to connect two laptops to two monitors. It has solved all the challenges that users may meet when they need to set up a dual monitor working space. It features 12 ports as a docking station for many peripherals. Just embrace our powerful and convenient iDock C20 KVM switch docking station, and transform your workspace into a well-connected and efficient environment.