Why Do You Need a Daisy Chain Bluetooth Speaker in Your Large Meeting Room?

AV Access AnyCo A6 USB Conference Speakerphone _ Loud and Clear In a Large Meeting Room _ NEW

In the evolving world of business, having the right audio equipment in your meeting room is not just an add-on, it’s a necessity. This is particularly true in the era of hybrid meetings where teams are dispersed and collaborating remotely. Enter the AnyCo A6 Bluetooth Speakerphone, which is specifically designed to cater to the demands of large meeting spaces.

What Is a Bluetooth Speaker for Hybrid Meetings?

A bluetooth speaker for hybrid meetings is a device that helps transmit audio clearly across both physical and virtual meeting platforms. It ensures that every participant, whether seated in the meeting room or tuning in remotely, can hear and be heard clearly. These speakers are vital for effective communication and collaboration in today’s diverse workplace environments.

What Is Daisy Chain and Why Do You Need it?

The term “daisy chain technology” refers to the ability to connect multiple speakers together to function as a single system. This capability is essential in large meeting spaces where one speaker is not sufficient to deliver clear sound to all attendees. Daisy chaining ensures the sound is evenly distributed, making every word spoken crystal clear, regardless of the listener’s position in the room.
AV Access AnyCo A6 USB Conference Speakerphone _ Plug & Play, Set up In a Minute _ NEW

AV Access AnyCo A6 Daisy Chain Speakerphone

The AnyCo A6 is a daisy-chained USB and Bluetooth conferencing speakerphone from AV Access. It can be used with the eShare Presentation System for videoconferencing in large conference rooms.

1. Innovative Daisy Chain Function

AnyCo A6 allows you to integrate 4x microphones and 1 x 3W speaker into one device, connecting up to 9 units for enhanced audio coverage without complicated wiring or setup. This makes it the perfect choice for scalable audio solutions in large conference rooms, easily extending the range of its microphones and speakers.

2. Super Loud for Lager Meeting Space

AnyCo A6 with 9x 3W speakers cascaded together, all attendees in a large meeting room can hear every word clearly and synchronously. And each unit is built with 4x mics, which ensure omni-directional voice pickup in the entire meeting space.

3. Noise Reduction & Voice Enhancement

Background noise is a common challenge in large conference rooms. AnyCo A6 Bluetooth Speaker utilizes advanced noise reduction technology that supports echo cancellation, active background noise reduction and automatic gain control. Focusing audio on the speakers optimizes speech in real time and reduces unwanted sounds.

4. Plug & Play, Universal Compatibility

AnyCo A6 Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be user-friendly. It is a plug-and-play device that connects easily via Bluetooth or the included USB cable (Type-A to Type-C), and requires no special software or skills to start a meeting quickly. AnyCo A6 is compatible with virtually all major Unified Communications platforms, including the eShare presentation system.

5. Works with eShare Presentation System

The full-duplex speakerphone can work perfectly with eShare W50/W80 presentation systems and BizEye webcams for efficient presentation and collaboration in a hybrid meeting.

AV Access AnyCo A6 Bluetooth Speakerphone _ Hear and Be Heard, At the Same Time _ Full Duplex Design _ NEW


For businesses aiming to enhance their meeting environments, the AnyCo A6 Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone provides a powerful and scalable solution that caters perfectly to large spaces. Thanks to its innovative daisy chain functionality, you can connect multiple units to achieve uniform and superior sound coverage across expansive areas. The superb sound quality ensures that every participant, whether near or far, can hear clearly, which is essential for effective communication and collaboration.

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