AV Access eShare: A New Era of Wireless Conferencing System in 2024

AV Access eShare W80 4K Presentation System with Multiview _ Wireless Conferencing Made Easier

In the fast-evolving world of technology, seamless and efficient communication is key, especially in a business environment. Wireless conferencing systems have emerged as essential tools in fostering collaboration across distances, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not hinder productivity. The AV Access eShare wireless conferencing system marks a significant milestone in this evolution, promising a new era of streamlined and effective communication for businesses in 2024.

What Is Wireless Conferencing?

Wireless conferencing system allows participants to connect and communicate through audio and video, without the need for physical cables connecting their devices to the conferencing equipment. This technology facilitates meetings, presentations, and discussions among team members who may be distributed across various locations, ensuring that everyone can contribute without being physically present in the same room.

What Is eShare?

The eShare is a state-of-the-art line of wireless conferencing products developed by AV Access to enhance communication in professional and educational environments. eShare series includes the W80/W50 Wireless Presentation System, as well as the D10/D20 USB-C dongles, for a total of four products. Each model is tailored to meet specific user needs and applications, ensuring that every organization can find a solution that perfectly matches its conferencing requirements.

AV Access Blog eShare W80 D20 eShare W50 D10

Why Choose AV Access eShare?

Choosing the right tools for effective communication is crucial for any organization aiming to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. Here’s why AV Access eShare stands out as the premier choice for wireless conferencing:

1. One-Click Wireless Conferencing via Dongle

Just pick up the eShare D20 USB-C dongle on the table, plug it into your laptop, and click the button to share. You can also control the USB conference devices wirelessly with the dongle! No cable hassles, no software needed, no training required.

AV Access eShare W80 4K Presentation System with Multiview _ Wireless Conferencing Made Easier _ NEW

2. Dual HDMI Inputs/Outputs with Multiview

Connect it easily to your room PC/laptop, and view 2 monitor screens effortlessly. Also supports the innovative multiview function (dual-view mode), displaying 2 sources on the same screen, ideal for comparing different schemes.

AV Access eShare W80 4K Presentation System with Wireless Conferencing _ Dual HDMI Inputs & Outputs _ NEW

3. Truly Plug-n-Play Solution

No software or driver is required for both eShare W80 and the dongle, user-friendly to both your colleagues and guests. It prevents the potential entry points for viruses, spyware, and other external threats.

4. No.1 Low-Cost Alternative for ClickShare

The original price of the eShare W80 plus 2x eShare D20 dongles ($1617) is about half the price of the Barco ClickShare CX-50 ($2950). In addition, we are committed to the principle of mutual benefit, so we can offer huge discounts to our partners. For example, the eShare W80 and D20 can be purchased as a perfect wireless conference system kit, or purchased individually, saving you money and increasing your productivity.

AV Access eShare W80 Clickshare Alternative Page _ Top Banner NEW

5. Works with BizEye, AnyCo & 3rd Party USB 3.0 Devices

All models in the eShare family work seamlessly with a wide range of devices and platforms, ensuring broad compatibility and easy integration. Whether collaborating via AV Access BizEye series webcam or AnyCo series video bar/speakerohone, or connecting third-party USB 3.0 devices such as Logitech, Jabra, Poly, etc. for enhanced functionality, eShare products work well within an integrated technology ecosystem.

6. Effortless Screen Sharing: From Wired to Wireless in Seconds

Share contents readily from your PC to a larger screen via an HDMI cable, or cast screen wirelessly with AirPlay, Miracast or the dongle. Just bring your laptop, smartphone or tablet and ready to present.


The AV Access eShare wireless conferencing system stands out as a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution that meets the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Its advanced features, coupled with ease of use and cost-effectiveness, make it an ideal choice for companies aiming to enhance their communication strategies in 2024.

For more details on how the AV Access eShare can revolutionize your business communication, visit our product page and explore the possibilities that await.

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