Hybrid Meeting Solutions to Reshape Your Modern Workplace

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Ask people how a hybrid meeting pisses them off and you are never short of complaints. If you recognize how many times your employees felt neglected in a meeting, you may start to rethink your meeting rooms. 

Holding a successful hybrid meeting could be a challenging task and you need an all-in-one hybrid meeting solution to not make it suck. 

Hybrid Meeting Sucks? 

The best way to meet is to meet in person. Distance and technology shortage separate us, naturally. If you are still meeting your hybrid workers in a traditional meeting room, that won’t be an enjoyable experience.

Any moment when you do not share the view they are looking at, or just receive no response because you are not seen or heard at all, you feel like you are left alone. The more it happens, the more likely you will be less engaged and more indifferent to what’s going on with the team. 

People know the pain of a hybrid meeting. They start to talk about meeting equity and finding ways to encourage engagement.

A hybrid meeting solution plays a critical part to build an inclusive, enjoyable modern workplace. AV Access offers two hybrid meeting solutions – wired and wireless – for different needs and budgets.

Wireless Hybrid Meeting Solution

hybrid meeting wireless kit

In the article 3 Steps to set up a successful hybrid meeting system, we introduced 3 key factors that decide the quality of a hybrid meeting – is everybody heard, seen, and easy to engage? And this wireless solution serves them all. 

The core of the system is the presentation model eShare W50, which will stand still in your meeting room and integrate your devices such as the webcam, speakerphone, dongle, router, and TV/display into one system.

One installation, permanent use. Plugging and unplugging cables could be confusing and really annoying and that’s how an all-in-one meeting system saves your efforts. 

W50 supports CEC, which means your TV will turn itself on when there is a source device connected to the system for display; and will automatically power off when the device is gone. When you are ready to start, the system will start it for you.

The dongle D10 is designed to work with eShare W50. It can be easily paired with the system by plugging into the port on the front panel of W50. It is highly portable and one can freely pass it on to another person than a cable. Plug and click, and your screen will magically appear on the meeting room TV/display.

A webcam and a speakerphone form a strong alliance to make sure we hear and see each other clearly. Bizeye80 is a 4K AI webcam that boasts a 120° wide angle; Anyco A5 is a Bluetooth speakerphone that picks up sound from all directions.

In addition, eShare W50 wireless BYOD allows attendees to share their screens through Miracast and Airplay. Besides, AV Access also offers AnyCo A3 (without Bluetooth) and Bizeye50 (1080p) as substitutes to make a more flexible combo.

The wireless hybrid meeting solution meets the need of both small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Hybrid Meeting Solutions

Wired Hybrid Meeting Solution

If you are looking for a more economic package, a wired hybrid meeting solution is a fair choice. For a small meeting room, screen sharing through an HDMI or USB cable shall satisfy most of the meeting situations. 

The wired hybrid meeting solution comprises the presentation system eShare W30, a webcam BizEye80, and a speakerphone AnyCo A5. The main difference between this kit and the above wireless one is that W30 does not support wireless BYOD.

Wanna get ready for a hybrid meeting? Add the all-in-one hybrid meeting system to your cart or just customize your own hybrid meeting combo.

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