KVM solutions for Gaming, switching, extending and streaming etc.


Gaming applications sometimes have special needs and players may be looking for a reliable product that makes the setup in mind become reality. AV Access has made a collection of A/V solutions for different gaming needs. With this wide range of products, gamers can make advantage of the ProAV technology and: 

  • enjoy an immersive, UHD, gaming view at a high refresh rate
  • easily switch among multiple gaming devices
  • extend KVM to another room with no hassle
  • stream games, broadcast, or save a copy via the OBS service

Products and use cases in short:

  • KVM switches: share one set of KVM with different PCs/game consoles and easily switch among them.
  • HDMI switch and USB switch: switch video and USB separately for more flexible combinations.
  • KVM/USB extenders: long-distance HDMI and USB extension (up to 100 meters).
  • Video capture card: game streaming and broadcasting.

PC and console gaming KVMs

You may be a real game enthusiast and have a few game consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and also a PC for Steam games. How to easily access any of these systems using the same set of display, keyboard, mouse, and gamepads? That’s when a KVM switch comes to the rescue. Connecting multiple gaming consoles to one set of KVM save you considerable hardware costs, and also a lot of space.

Except for the convenience of device switching, gamers care a lot about the resolution, refresh rate of the pictures, and added features like HDCP, HDR, Dolby Vision, VRR, etc. And zero-latency would be a must if you are into games that have intensive battles and high requirements for responsiveness. AV Access provides a collection of KVM switches that supports video from 1080p, 4K to 8K, and the newer features mentioned above.

kvm switch8k hdmi 2.1 kvm switch dual monitor kvm switch

Besides, a KVM switch is also widely used among people who work from home, to switch between a work computer and a gaming PC.

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Gaming KVMs extension for multi-site access

To eliminate the heat and noises of the bulk of machines, setting up a media room is a good idea. In this case, HDMI extenders, KVM extenders, and USB extenders (with fiber-optic HDMI cables) are used to send server data to where the users are. 

Even though current KVM/HDMI extenders only support up to HDMI 2.0 standard and USB 2.0, these products do give chances to enable multi-site access to the game consoles and PCs, and they make it flexible for users to deploy the console and the machine at will. 

AV Access provides a wide selection of high-performance KVM extenders for gamers, perfect for long-distance transmission up to 100 meters, 1080p, and 4K@60hz supported.

kvm extenderdp kvm extender dual monitor kvm extender

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Game streaming and broadcasting

Recording or streaming your game while you are playing may be a problem. The game console may not support such a feature, or running an application for this purpose may interrupt the gaming experience. The video capture card is designed for game streaming or recording.

A video capture card connects your console to a PC and you can run a recording or streaming application like OBS to broadcast or save your gaming video. In fact, it’s used not only in gaming but also for other recording or streaming needs, especially in education scenarios.

AV Access’s best-selling video capture card supports 4K@60Hz resolution input and output and can stream up to 1080P@60Hz video capture signal to your computer. You can easily stream video from HDMI devices to Windows, Linux, and Mac computers with a USB interface.

Using a professional app on the laptop to do the streaming/recording enables you to concentrate on your games or teaching.

video capture card