What Devices Do I Need for Video Conferencing in Home Office and Meeting Room?

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Video conferencing equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you work from home very often, you might get by with nothing more than a high-quality headset/microphone device. Today most companies have their own video conferencing software. As long as you log in to it, you can make a call just like anyone else. While on a business trip, some people even hold a video conference using just their smartphone, as well as the built-in camera and audio gadget it offers. However, if you want more immersive web conferencing experiences, you should consider investing in a more comprehensive video conferencing solution. Some of the most common video conferencing equipment and devices are as follows:

Desktop, Laptop or Smartphone

When you want to access your video conferencing software, these are the devices you can choose to connect to. Your laptop or smartphone is the central point where you can access collaboration applications, file sharing or screen sharing tools. Your PC also acts as a display so that you can see the colleagues you’re speaking to, though some people choose to have a separate, larger display for this purpose.

USB Webcam

In a video conferencing meeting room, the webcam is the most obvious item. The best webcam can capture crystal-clear image from your home office, huddle room and mid-sized meeting room alike. Some advanced webcams come with a wider field of view for small spaces or PTZ feature for large conference rooms. As for home office, small and mid-size meeting room, AV Access BizEye50 1080P HD USB webcam can be one of your perfect choices. It boasts 85° ultra-wide viewing angle, advanced PureImage image optimization technology, top-of-the-line lens and image sensor. It is plug-n-play and compatible with all mainstream video conferencing softwares. With BizEye50 USB webcam, you can present your best image in a business video conference.

BizEye50 USB Webcam

Microphone, Headphone or Speakerphone

Even in the age of video, audio is still essential. Connect a microphone to you PC, then you can talk to your colleagues conveniently. The best microphone can connect via Bluetooth or through a wired link. To listen to the people on the other end of your video conferencing calls, you also need a high-quality speaker or headphone.

For equipment integrating microphone and speaker, you can invest in a Bluetooth USB speakerphone. A high-quality speakerphone like AV Access AnyCo A5 can make you love phone calls again! Built with four noise-cancelling microphones and a premium speaker, it can pick up sounds from every angle of your office space and ensures everyone is heard. With its superior sound quality, 360° voice pickup, plug-n-play feature and portable design, it can be your ideal choice for home office as well as small and mid-size meeting room. If you don’t need the Bluetooth function, you can choose another version: AnyCo A3.

AnyCo A5 USB Speakerphone

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Other Related Equipment

Video conferencing experiences are becoming increasingly important all the time. Depending on different types of meeting room, you also might need touchscreen displays, whiteboards that you can share content on, or even digital whiteboards that can share content straight to your collaboration apps.

If you want a more cost-effective option and save the hassles of complicated installation, you can consider purchasing an all-in-one “room kit”. It can offer everything you need for a video meeting in one. This could be a speaker bar that combines a conference camera and microphone to capture your image and voice. Alternatively, you can get a room kit that comes with various tools for large conference rooms, like remote control cameras and whiteboards.

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