How to Set Up Your Home Battlestation?

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What are the essentials of building a home battlestation? Owning a high-end PC or the latest game console, responsive gaming peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse, gamepad, and headset, and having a nice monitor (or more) that supports high resolutions and refresh rates are the basics. Besides well-performing hardware, what else can you do to improve your gaming spot?

Comfort and Ergonomics

  • For any home office desks or battlestations, comfort is the priority. You don’t want a desk setup that has all the perfect gadgets but it wrecks your neck and back after 2 hours, no matter how capable it could be.
  • Supportive chair: a comfortable and adjustable chair is essential for long gaming sessions to prevent fatigue and potential injury. Look for features like good lower back support and adjustable armrests.
  • Spacious desk:  a large desk provides ample space for your monitors, peripherals, and other gaming essentials. Consider a height-adjustable desk for added ergonomic benefits.
  • KVM Switch for multi-PC users: if you have a dedicated gaming PC, and another computer for work or everyday use, a KVM switch allows you to seamlessly switch between them using a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor(s) setup. Therefore, when you juggle a lot between computers, centered screens can keep everything in your line of sight without the constant head turning, which could be a relief for your neck and back.

Ambiance and Personalization

  • Lighting:  proper lighting can enhance the atmosphere of your battlestation.  Look into options like LED light strips that can change color or sync with your gameplay for an immersive feel.
  • Neon Signs or LED Displays: level up the ambiance with neon signs of gaming logos, controllers, or popular game quotes. Consider LED displays that can showcase dynamic visuals or sync with your gameplay.
  • Customization:  personalize your battlestation to reflect your style and favorite games. This can include anything from mousepads and keyboard designs to figurines and posters.
  • Look for advice: you can seek inspiration in r/desksetup and r/battlestations, where users are sharing their setup and also posting for advice to improve.
home setup
Home setup shared by @_codingdash_ on r/desksetup

Themed Decorations

To spice up a bland space, you can try some themed decorations, such as video game posters that showcase your favorite games and iconic gaming imagery on your walls, collectibles/figurines on the monitor stand riser, customized desk mat of your favorite game scene, and wallpapers that blend in well to your overall setup. Besides, you may use some functional decors that can dress up your desk and also bring some joy to the user.

  • Soundproof wall panels: enhance your audio experience, bring some colors to the wall, and reduce echo with strategically placed sound panels.
  • Plants: add a touch of nature and improve air quality with plants on your desk or shelves.
  • Cozy throw blankets: keep comfortable during long gaming sessions with plush throws and pillows.


The point is: to personalize it! The best decorations are those that reflect your own gaming tastes and personality. Also, remember to maintain the balance: Don’t clutter your space. Too many decorations can be visually overwhelming and hinder focus during gameplay. A good taste of lighting synergy can boost the whole setup right away. Consider how your chosen decorations will interact with your lighting setup to create the desired atmosphere.