5 AV Tips to Elevate the Super Bowl Viewing Experience

super bowl viewing experience

Super Bowl 2023 is finally here. Will you watch the game?

Get ready for Super Bowl LVII

If yes, you may be preparing to join one of the viewing parties in Las Vegas, enjoy the food, game, and excitement with a crowd of fans; or you can be the host to hold a small event yourself in your house, in a bar or a restaurant. Well, it’s not bad to get huddled up by a comfortable sofa and watch the game in the home theater on one’s own too.

No matter how you’re gonna spend the game season, this article will provide you with 5 AV tips to enhance your super bowl viewing experience in different use scenarios.

Build up a video wall for a larger view

In a family, we tend to use a projector such as an Epson home projector for the home theater setup. The large image (up to 300’’) renders viewers a theatrical cinema experience; While, in a business site like a bar or a restaurant, video walls sometimes would be a better choice. The LED and LCD screens or TVs are of higher brightness, better resolutions, and the image quality is more stable with even a changing light environment.

Therefore, if you are running a sports bar or a restaurant, building up a video wall is the ideal solution to offer your audience an enjoyable view of games or videos. AV Access’s newly launched 4KIP200 is the best way for newbies to build a video wall and manage video distribution via an intuitive app UI.

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Sync multiple TVs with HDMI splitters

The Open House TV once published a SoFi Stadium tour. There are multiple TVs in the locker rooms, club rooms, and suites sync-playing the game. A sports bar, restaurant, or club shall provide enough TVs for the audience to watch the game no matter where they stand. 

HDMI splitters are the gadget behind this application. When a video source run via it, the HDMI splitter helps copy the data and run out multiple copies to multiple displays. By placing these TVs in different places, the audience would be able to enjoy the game wherever they are seated.

hdmi splitter in a sport bar
HDMI splitter: Sports bar applications

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Purchase a dual monitor setup to watch while work

You may be still working during the match and won’t be able to sit in a bar or go join a club for a completely entertaining experience. Dump the work or miss the game? You may consider the half way.

Many WFHers use a dual monitor KVM switch to connect 2 PCs (often one for work, another for entertainment) with 2 screens showing in front of them. They can easily switch to the game during a break or get back to work when get called online.

Enable eARC feature in the home theater

If you have treated yourself with a satisfying home theater system, don’t forget to enable the eARC feature on your TV/AVR and bring the TV sound out via your surround sound system as the sound system built in a TV is in most cases, lousy.

If you are extending your HDMI signals from the home theater to your media rack, remember to make sure your HDMI extender supports the eARC feature so to assure the feature works fine with your current setup.

Although the live source video may not be done with surrounding effects, an audio system would be much better than an embedded speaker in a TV.

Try an outdoor viewing experience

We enjoy sports games and like watching those athletes running across the field passionately. Their power and vigor affect us. Could you imagine watching a game outdoors? You may not be able to make it to the SoFi Stadium, but you can watch the game under the sky on your lawn on the patio.

That’s what our clients did with extender kits – extending the video source (and controlling devices) from the house to the outdoor space. Build a little game spot or a viewing site in your garden.

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