What You Need to Know about HDMI Extender

TV and DVD players are connected through cables for transmitting audio/video signals. You may have used S video cables, composite audio/video cables or component cables for HDTV. All these cables transmit audio/video signals in the format of analog, while HDMI cable transmits the signals in digital format so that there’s no need of converting into analog signal at the ends. An HDMI extender won’t let you miss any detail in your high-definition picture. Extenders are usually connected at the ends of HDMI cables, and they can be used to connect two HDMI cables to create a longer HDMI extension. These extenders function by regenerating the digital audio and high-definition video they obtain from the device source.

Why should you use an HDMI extender?

HDMI extenders are used to extend the distance between a high-definition TV and a digital sending device. If you take a look at the back of your high-definition TV set, you can find a connection port which resembles a USB port. This is where HDMI cable connects to the HDTV and other components such as set-top box and a satellite receiver. An HDMI extender is used to transfer the digital video signal from the source to the high-definition TV. If the cable you use is only a few feet long, it means you have to disconnect and connect the device again you choose for viewing. When you want to watch high-definition video on a TV in another room, you need to consider using an HDMI extender to extend the distance.

What are the benefits of using an HDMI extender?

The major benefit is that it allows you to extend distance between devices. For example, when you want to view a film using a blue ray DVD player on the TV in another room where you are not able to do it, you can use an HDMI extender with flexible cables to make this connection possible.

You can also use a splitter extender for watching the HDMI source on several TVs. There’s no need of using swapping devices. With an HDMI extender, you can easily connect devices over a long distance between devices.

When it comes to buying an extender, you need to ensure the extender is HDCP certified. It is recommended to buy the HDMI extension solution from a reputable company with good customer support. If you are tired of disconnecting and reconnecting the devices to watch a high-definition movie on your TV, you can go with CAT5 HDMI extension.

What are the types of HDMI extender?

There are different types of HDMI extender available for various applications. According to the maximum video resolution it transmits, HDMI extender can be mainly divided into three kinds:

According to different mediums of transmission, HDMI extender can be divided into three kinds:

These are different kinds of HDMI extenders used in different applications. Active HDMI cables utilize electronics within to boost the signal and allow for HDMI cables of up to 30m/98ft; those based on HDBaseT can extend up to 100m/330ft; HDMI extenders that are based on dual CAT 5/CAT 6 cable can extend HDMI up to 250m/820ft; while HDMI extenders based on optical fiber can extend HDMI up to 300m/1000ft.

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