Top 3 Wireless Screen Sharing Solutions for Your Meeting Room

screen sharing solutions in meeting rooms

Screen Sharing Solutions in a Meeting Room

Easy screen sharing makes business communication more efficient. When you have business partners around or hold a meeting with your colleagues, sharing your ideas via a larger screen is way better than having a group of people clinging together in front of a tiny laptop screen.

Why wireless screen sharing solution? Obviously, wireless solutions save you from cable clutter and keep the place clean and tidy; and as wireless technology develops, more and more electronic devices do not come with traditional video connectors like HDMI. Wireless screen sharing is a handy way for people to share their content from different devices such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

Top 3 Wireless Screen Sharing Solutions

What screen-sharing solution are you looking for? The need for different meeting rooms could vary a lot, for example in a huddle room, an open space next to your company’s reception counter, or in a medium-sized hybrid meeting room.

Here are 3 top wireless screen-sharing solutions that could be used in different circumstances.

eShare Wireless Conferencing System

AV Access’s eShare wireless conferencing system is a professional meeting room solution that serves not only wireless screen sharing but also BYOD for hybrid meetings with remote colleagues or business clients.

In the meeting space, eShare enables attendees to share screens via screen mirroring with Miracast and Airplay or cast their screens using the wireless dongle.

hybrid meeting kit for wireless screen sharing


  • Screen-sharing via wireless screen mirroring
  • Integrate in-room meeting devices for BYOD use
  • Support type-C dongle to cast screen
  • Support various devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • HDMI wired connection as the backup option
  • No driver or software is needed, plug-n-play

This solution is a good pick for small or medium meeting rooms in a formal business context where people hold both in-person meetings and hybrid meetings with remote workers.


If you are a fan of Apple’s ecosystem, you may have already been familiar with Airplay. The screen mirroring technology makes screen casting easy for iOS systems on iPhone and iPad or Mac systems on Macbook as long as your TV or display supports it; Miracast is a protocol that’s included on many new Android devices. It’s also available on many modern Windows devices. 

Buy a new TV or display in your meeting room that supports screen casting via both Miracast and Airplay. People can easily share their screen by screen mirroring in seconds.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Support most new Android/Wins/iOS/Mac devices

This can be a really handy solution if you only need to share the screen on the TV, while it won’t be able to handle more needs for a formal business meeting.

Wireless Display Dongle Adapter

If you already have a TV or display in your meeting space and it’s rather old-fashioned to support screen mirroring technology like Airplay or Miracast, using a wireless display dongle adapter could make this up.

The most commonly used wireless display dongle adapter supports an HDMI connection. You shall plug it into your TV or display’s HDMI port. Most of them also come with a small power adapter and you need to connect it to the power outlet and keep it charged so that it could work.

This could be a contingent plan if you’re in the middle of something and do not have the time to upgrade your meeting room system right away. It has limited features (for example the resolutions, supported devices, etc.) and the quality and compatibility are not always reliable.


In conclusion, the right wireless screen-sharing solution for your meeting room depends on your specific needs and budget. Wireless screen mirroring adapter is cheap and easy to get and may not be reliable enough; Miracast or AirPlay may be ideal if you’re already committed to a specific platform; For more advanced functionality and professional settings, eShare wireless conferencing system could be a smart pick. 

Whatever your requirements, investing in the right wireless screen-sharing solution can significantly enhance your team’s productivity and collaboration.