iDock D23 Pre-sale: DisplayPort 2.0 KVM Switch for Triple Monitors

displayport 2.0 kvm switch for triple monitors

Triple Monitor DisplayPort KVM Switch

DisplayPort KVM switches are more popular among gamers as they usually support better resolutions and refresh rates. Yes, they do. After the success of previous dual monitor DisplayPort KVM switch, we are now releasing a new model, iDock D23, a DP KVM switch for triple monitor setups.

Many gamers favor a high-end KVM so that they can play games at higher refresh rates on their 4K monitor or a 3440×1440 ultrawide, and having a triple-monitor setup would do a lot of favors for those gamers who are working from home. They will have more screen real-estate to deal with multiple tasks, and easily spare one screen for games, or Netflix.

Pre-sale Offer: 20% Off

The new model is on pre-sale now. Shop now (20% off) to seize the best deal! Here are some keywords that may help you know more about iDock D23. 

  • A two-port KVM: It’s a KVM switch that connects to two PCs via DisplayPort so that you can share one setup between two systems.
  • A triple-monitor KVM: There are three DisplayPort outs to connect to your three monitors.
  • 12-in-1 Docking features: iDock D23 also provides docking features like 5 USB-A ports, a USB-C port for data transfer, an audio jack, an Ethernet port, and an SD card reader.
  • DisplayPort 2.0 standard: iDock D23 supports up to 8K@60hz and high refresh rates including 4K@165/144Hz, 3440×1440@165/144/120Hz, 2560×1440@240/165/144Hz and 1080P@240/165Hz. (You can scroll down the page to check in the Specs section)

AV Access iDock D23 8K DP KVM Switch Docking Station Innovative Triple Monitor Design 1

Gamers and WFHers

If you have been looking for such a KVM product, grab the chance now and save more than $40. Get this home office gadget and you’ll get all the benefits. Better desk setup, better work & life.

  • Share one setup with 2 PCs
  • Improve 2 PCs’ connectivity all at once
  • Better cable management
  • More desk space
  • More screens for multi-tasking

You shall feel free to share with us if you have any ideas about iDock D23 or email us at for any questions. See you next time on the next release.