Notice: Update Available for VDirector App (V1.5.33)

VDirector update

We are pleased to inform you that a new version of VDirector (Version 1.5.33) has been released on the App Store and Google Play. We kindly request you to update the software promptly through your respective application store.

The latest version introduces a new functionality: synchronization of the following information when using VDirector on multiple devices simultaneously:

  • Encoder/Decoder alias
  • Encoder/Decoder sorting
  • Video wall name
  • Video wall configuration (Decoder-to-TV mappings)
  • Video wall layout
  • TV power on/off commands
  • Blank screen setting of decoder
  • HDCP setting of encoder
  • RS232 parameters
  • Source for each decoder

Please note that the synchronization of the above information is not in real-time. This means that when you modify VDirector settings on one mobile device, the settings on other mobile devices within the same local network will not synchronize immediately. To obtain the synchronized information, you need to restart VDirector on the other mobile devices.

After updating, you may notice an Alert icon in the bottom right corner of the software interface, indicating a firmware upgrade for your product. You can visit the Downloads Section on the corresponding product page and select the “Upgrading tools” option to download the firmware update for your specific product.

The applicable product models for firmware upgrade are as follows:

If you encounter any issues during the upgrade process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We are available to provide remote assistance.

Thank you for your attention and continued support.

Best regards,
AV Access