AV Access Introduces a 4K HDMI Extender with ARC Function for Simplified Home Theater Setup

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“The last few years have witnessed the rapid development of home theater systems. With Ultra-HD TVs and new powerful audio codecs like Dolby Atmos becoming the new trend, people are more likely to enjoy a full theater experience at home. 4KEX70-ARC-H2 HDMI ARC extender can provide a two-way flow of sound between their TV and home theater system at a long distance. We believe this product can greatly facilitate people’s lives”, commented Kevin, director of product management.

AV Access, a leading brand in the online market of Pro AV industry, has introduced its brand-new HDMI2.0 ARC extender recently. It is known to all that HDMI ARC can provide a two-way flow of sound between a TV and an AV receiver via just a HDMI cable. However, what if the TV is about 40 meters/130 feet away from the AV receiver? How can users return audio signal from their TV in the living room to their AV receiver upstairs? In this case, users can employ AV Access 4KEX70-ARC-H2 HDMI over HDBase-T extender for ARC extension at a long distance.

Flexible Applications: ARC Mode & S/PDIF In Mode

The HDMI2.0 extender supports 4K@60 4:4:4 with HDR and HDCP 2.2 compliant, offering the distribution of UHD video, audio, power and IR together. “The extender is specially designed for home applications where users need returning audio from their TV to their AV system at a long distance”, commented Kevin Zhang, director of product management.

4KEX70-ARC-H2 Extender

The 4K HDMI extender is composed of a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX). The RX is built with a DIP switch supporting two audio output modes: ARC mode and S/PDIF in mode. They are designed for different application scenarios.

If users want to return audio signal from their TV in the living room to their AV amplifier upstairs, they can switch to the ARC mode to transfer audio from their HDTV (with ARC support, connected to the RX) back to their AV amplifier connected to the TX. Thus, they can enjoy a full theater experience upstairs with Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master Audio, etc.

4KEX70-ARC-H2 Extender

If users need to transmit audio from one of their audio systems to their AV receiver in another room, they can switch to “S/PDIF In Mode” to configure auxiliary S/PDIF input, passing optical audio from the RX to the TX. The extender kit also comes with an HDMI audio de-embedding with phoenix analog connector.

4KEX70-ARC-H2 Extender

Enjoy More Fun with Long Transmission Distance

In terms of transmission distance, the advanced 4KEX70-ARC-H2 extender can transmit 4K@60 4:4:4 UHD video signal up to 40m/130ft or 1080P up to 70m/230ft over Cat5e/6/7 cable. With HDCP2.2 compliant and 18Gbps bandwidth, it can support HDR10.

Due to its support of bi-directional PoC, only one power adapter is needed at either TX or RX side to power them both. And bi-directional IR allows users to control both HDMI source and display at remote side, offering users more convenience. What’s more, it also supports CEC, RS232 pass-through, etc.

In conclusion, 4KEX70-ARC-H2 HDMI ARC extender offers users a simple and reliable solution for their home theater system. Now it is easier than ever for users to achieve a two-way flow of sound between their TV and home theater system at a long distance.
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