AV Access Introduces AnyCo A3 USB Conference Speakerphone to Improve Sound Quality in Home Office and Corporate Meeting Room

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AV Access, a leading brand in the online market of Pro AV industry, recently announced the addition of AnyCo A3 professional USB conference speakerphone to the company’s home office product portfolio. It is designed to provide a sound-improving, hand-free and cost-effective solution for both home office and corporate meeting room of up to 8 people. Users can talk hand-free, hold an online meeting or listen to music almost anywhere they are.

360° Voice Pickup & Loud Speaker

“When it comes to speakerphone, sound quality is the most important factor to judge whether it is good or not. AnyCo A3 is quite outstanding on both audio pickup and amplification,” commented Mandy Xiong, CEO at AV Access.

AnyCo A3 full-duplex speakerphone is composed of four noise-cancelling microphones and a premium speaker. Its microphones are arranged in a 360° array for omni-directional voice pickup. With the built-in advanced DSP algorithm, it supports acoustic echo cancellation, active background noise reduction and voice enhancement. Even when users work in a noisy environment, their voice can be optimized in real-time so that the far-end attendees can hear everything clearly.

In terms of audio amplification, its high-performance 3W speaker covers up to 26ft/8m hearing distance. With the AGC (automatic gain control) technology, AnyCo A3 speakerphone can automatically adjust its volume based on the incoming audio signal from the remote side to provide clear, intelligible audio in the local room.

Plug & Play, Simple Touch Control

“We have two models of speakerphone at present: AnyCo A3 and A5. AnyCo A5 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has a built-in battery. You can connect it to your smartphone, tablet or laptop wirelessly. If you only need wired connection, AnyCo A3 is a more cost-effective choice for you. Both of them can be connected to your laptop via a USB-C cable. Recently, we are also developing AnyCo V3 speakerphone to enrich our AnyCo series product line, which will add more functions like USB docking and HDMI output. It is expected to be released in late May,” said Mandy.

AnyCo A3 speakerphone is plug-n-play and compatible with various operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS. It can also work with all popular online conferencing platforms, like Zoom, Skype, WebEx, etc. Besides, AnyCo A3 is extremely easy to control and use. It is designed with intuitive physical control buttons and smart LED status indicators.

“In addition to AnyCo series conference speakerphones, we also have other products specially designed for home office applications like BizEye series USB webcam and HDMI KVM switches. And we will continue to enrich this home office product line by developing more plug-n-play and high-quality products,” concluded Mandy.

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