AV Access Launches Brand-New Video Capture Card for Easier Live Streaming and Video Recording

AV Access_4KVC00 HDMI to USB Vieo Capture Card_Front Panel(2)
“Nowadays, live streaming has become a common way to broadcast live video to viewers over the Internet. AV Access 4KVC00 HDMI to USB 3.0 video capture card allows easier live streaming and video recording. Users can effortlessly stream an HDMI source to their favorite social media platform so that audiences worldwide can watch live.”
AV Access 4KVC00 video capture card allows users to stream up to 1080P HDMI signal to their computer via USB interface. With its superior video quality, ultra-low latency, plug-n-play feature and universal compatibility, the device is ideal for game live broadcast, video conference, distance education, personal recording, etc.

AV Access, a leading brand in the online market of Pro AV industry, recently announced the addition of 4KVC00 video capture device to the company’s portfolio. It is a HDMI to USB 3.0 video convertor with USB-C interface, designed to stream up to 1080P@60Hz HDMI video capture signal to a computer with remarkable image quality. With its plug-n-play and easy-to-use features, the device is ideal for game live broadcast, video conference, distance education, personal recording, etc.

4K UHD Image & USB 3.0 Super Speed

“Live streaming has become a common way for people to share something with viewers over the Internet. Sometimes live streamers need to transmit some HDMI sources like video games to their computer for sharing, but their computer lacks HDMI input port. 4KVC00 video capture device is designed to meet such demand of live streamers,” explained Mandy Xiong, CEO at AV Access.

Supporting up to 4K@60 Ultra HD video input, 4KVC00 video capture device can be connected to an HDMI source, like game console, set-top box, camcorder, etc. Users can stream up to 1080P@60Hz HDMI video capture signal to their computer via its USB-C interface. At the same time, it supports up to 4K@60 HDMI local output, so that users can easily preview the source.

4KVC00 also boasts USB 3.0 super speed transmission, eliminating the problems of picture lagging and freezing. With ultra-low latency on video transmission, users can live stream to their social media platforms in no time, like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Perfect for Video Game live Streaming

“4KVC00 features superior image quality, ultra-low latency and universal compatibility. It is a must-have device for gamers to share all joyful moments with their audiences over the Internet,” commented Mandy.

The device is compatible with various game consoles like Wii U, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo Switch, etc. It also works with different PC operating systems, including Windows 10/8/7, Mac OS and Linux. It is truly plug and play; gamers don’t have to install any software driver.

With its HDMI local output port, gamers can enjoy ultra-HD visual feast on a connected monitor while playing and live streaming their games. The device is also built with 3.5 mm audio input/output ports, so gamers can connect a microphone and an earphone. This special design brings much convenience when gamers need to add external commentary or interact with other players in their live broadcast.

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