AV Access Introduces a 4K Dual Monitor USB-C KVM Switch to Help Users Control 3x PCs Simultaneously for Home Office and Gaming

AV Access 4KSW31C-DM 3x1 4K Dual Monitor HDMI & USB-C KVM Switch _ Rear Panel

“AV Access 4KSW31C-DM 4K dual monitor KVM switch is built with both USB-C and HDMI input ports. Users can control a desktop, a laptop and a game console effortlessly with two monitors and one set of USB 3.0 peripherals, boosting productivity in office work, learning and gaming.”

AV Access recently announced the addition of the 4KSW31C-DM 3×1 HDMI & USB-C KVM switch to the company’s KVM switch portfolio. It boasts a dual monitor design, a full-featured USB-C input port, ultra-high refresh rates, and 3x USB 3.0 ports, ideal for office work, gaming and learning.

Dual Monitor KVM Switch with USB-C & HDMI

This new 4K dual monitor KVM switch is specially designed for those people who have more than one monitor and various source devices, like Windows desktop, Macbook, and Nintendo switch. It helps simplify device setup, reduce the cost of extra peripherals, and maximize productivity,” explained Bill Liao, CTO of AV Access.

The new 4K KVM switch is built with 1x full-featured USB-C (multi stream transport) input port for a laptop, and 4x HDMI input ports (2 ports in 1 group) for desktop computers. With just a single USB-C cable, users can input dual 4K UHD videos and transmit a large amount of data (up to 5Gbp/s), while charging their laptop with up to 65W. Besides, the adjacent LAN port can provide Internet access for the laptop.

AV Access 4KSW31C-DM 3x1 4K Dual Monitor USB-C & HDMI KVM Switch _ Brand-New Dual Monitor Design

High Refresh Rate & Fast Switching

The new 4K USB-C KVM switch also supports ultra-high refresh rates, like 1080P@240Hz/165Hz/144Hz/120Hz, and 2560×1440@144Hz/120Hz, perfect for switching between high-speed racing game sources. It is built with 5x USB type-A ports (3x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 1.1), so users can control 3x PCs with only one set of USB peripherals, like a mouse, keyboard, 4K webcam, and speakerphone.

In terms of control and switching, the HDMI & USB-C KVM switch offers three methods to switch between different sources, including the front panel button, IR remote, and keyboard hotkey. What’s more, with the automatic PC wake-up and EDID emulation features, it only takes users 2-3 seconds to complete switching.

“Now the new 4K dual monitor KVM switch is priced at only $231.99 on our official site for the initial pre-sale, with a 20% discount. The pre-sale starts from Aug 10 to Sep 10. It is a must-have for switching between your desktop, laptop and game console,” added Bill.

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