AV Access Introduces Its New 4K Dual Monitor HDMI KVM Switch to Boost Productivity in Home Office Applications

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“With AV Access 4KSW21-DM 4K dual monitor KVM switch, users can control two PCs with only one set of keyboard, mouse and two monitors simultaneously. Whether in office work, gaming or learning, it allows users to view extra screens and maximize their productivity.”

AV Access, a leading brand in the online market of the Pro-AV industry, recently announced the addition of the 4KSW21-DM 4K HDMI KVM switch to the company’s KVM switch portfolio. It features an innovative dual-channel design with two input groups. Each group is built with two HDMI ports, so users can connect it to two PCs which have multiple HDMI output ports. The new KVM switch is ideal for office work, gaming and learning.

Two Application Modes & Built-in USB 3.0 Hub

“Nowadays, an increasing number of people working from home tend to have more than one PC and more than one monitor. The 4KSW21-DM dual monitor KVM switch is specially designed for them. It helps simplify home office setup and reduce the cost of extra USB peripherals,” explained Bill Liao, CTO of AV Access.

The connected two PCs can share one set of keyboard, mouse, webcam, speakerphone and other USB 3.0 peripherals, as well as two HDMI monitors. With just a press of the front button or a tap on the keyboard hotkey, users can distribute one of the PC sources to two monitors using extended or mirror mode. Users can also toggle the switch to “USB Mode” to stream the two sources onto the two monitors simultaneously.

High Refresh Rate & Fast Switching

The new HDMI 2.0 KVM switch supports up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) 18Gbps input/output. It also supports 1080P@120hz and 2560×1440@144hz, perfect for switching between game consoles. In addition, the KVM switch boasts a unique automatic PC wake-up function and a built-in virtual interaction system. Thus, users can switch much faster and work more efficiently.

“Now 4KSW21-DM is priced at only $159.99 on our official site. It is a must-have for switching between your gaming PC and workstation,” added Bill.

About AV Access

AV Access is an experienced manufacturer that produces quality HDMI extenders, KVM extenders, wireless presentation systems, etc. and we also offer AV over IP solutions for scalable uses. These products — HDBaseT extender, and 4K HDMI extender — are among our best-sellers.

Are you a newbie? AV Access blog helps beginners to get on board easily (visit and learn about KVM extenders, USB extenders, and more).

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