AV Access Unveils iDock D23: The Ultimate 8K Triple Monitor KVM Switch Docking Station for Work and Gaming on 2 PCs

AV Access iDock D23 8K DP KVM Switch Docking Station _ Main Image

“AV Access iDock D23 is a perfect combination of a 8K triple monitor DisplayPort KVM switch and a 12-in-1 docking station. It allows users to effortlessly control 2 PCs with 3 monitors and multiple peripherals, enhancing productivity in office work, learning, and gaming.”

AV Access, a leading provider of Pro AV and AV over IP solutions, is excited to introduce the iDock D23 KVM switch docking station, the latest addition to its impressive lineup of KVM switches. With triple monitor capabilities, extensive peripheral connectivity, maximum 8K UHD resolution, ultra-high refresh rates, and other exceptional features, iDock D23 is the ultimate solution for office work, gaming, and learning.

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8K Triple Monitor KVM Switch with a 12-in-1 Docking Station

“As the demand for multitasking and multi-monitor setup increases, the adoption of triple monitor KVM switches continue to grow. With AV Access iDock D23, you can switch between two computers while maintaining control over your triple monitor configuration, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity, ” explained Bill Liao, CTO of AV Access.

Built with 6x DP input ports (supports multi stream transport, 3 in 1 group) and 3x DP output ports, iDock D23 provides seamless switching between a workstation and gaming PC, enabling users to view three monitor screens simultaneously. Moreover, it facilitates the sharing of various peripherals between two computers, such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, SD card, headphone, and more.

AV Access iDock D23 8K DP KVM Switch Docking Station _Innovative Triple Monitor Design

High Refresh Rate & Fast Flexible Switching

This new 8K triple monitor KVM switch also supports ultra-high refresh rates, like 4K@165/144Hz, 3440×1440@144/120Hz, 2560×1440@144/120Hz, 1080P@240Hz, etc, perfect for switching between high-speed racing game sources.

In addition, with the automatic PC wake-up function, it only takes users 2-3 seconds to switch between two PC sources. The 8K DP KVM switch supports switching via the panel button and wired remote controller. It also works flawlessly with various kinds of keyboards for hotkey switching.

The iDock D23 8K DisplayPort KVM switch is now available for pre-sale on our official site at a discounted price of $175.99. It is an essential tool for sharing three screens on both gaming PC and workstation,” added Bill.

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