AV Access eShare W80: The Best Barco ClickShare Alternative for Wireless Conferencing

Are you looking for a high-quality wireless conferencing solution but finding Barco Clickshare too expensive? We have a Barco Clickshare alternative for you! AV Access eShare W80 can work with the eShare D20 USB-C dongle for wireless control of USB conferencing devices, elevating your meeting experience. It only costs you $1099.99 (with a dongle: $1290.10)!

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Top 4 Advantages of AV Access eShare W80 vs. Barco ClickShare CX-50

AV Access 4K Presentation System with Wireless Conferencing _ Icons _ Wireless Conferencing

Wireless Conferencing

eShare W80 supports dual HDMI inputs/outputs with up to 4K resolution.
Just pick up the eShare D20 USB-C dongle on the table, plug it into your laptop and ready to share. Incredibly, you can also control the USB 3.0 conferencing devices wirelessly with the dongle! 

AV Access 4K Presentation System with Wireless Conferencing _ Icons _ All-in-One Design

All-in-One Design

eShare W80 supports both wired and wireless connection, so you can share your screen either way you want. Besides, it is built with a 3-in-1 USB 3.0 hub, so you can integrate it with a webcam, speakerphone, touch-screen panel, etc.

AV Access 4K Presentation System with Wireless Conferencing _ Icons _ Truly Plug & Play

Truly Plug & Play

No software or driver is required for both eShare W80 and the dongle, user-friendly to both employees and guests. It prevents the potential entry points for viruses, spyware, and other external threats.

AV Access 4K Presentation System with Wireless Conferencing _ Icons _ Ultra Low Cost

Ultra-Low Cost

The original price of eShare W80 plus 2x eShare D20 dongles ($1617) is about 50% of that of Barco ClickShare CX-50 ($2950). Besides, we offer a huge discount for our partners. Register now and save big!

Comparison Chart Between eShare W80 and ClickShare CX-50

Best Clickshare Alternative You Should Choose for Wireless Conferencing

eshare W80 with 2x eShare D20 DongleBarco ClickShare CX-50
Video Input Interface2x HDMI1x USB-C (only for audio/video transmission; USB signal is not supported)
Max Input Resolution4K@30hz4K@30hz
Video Output Interface2x HDMI1x HDMI, 1x USB-C
Max Output Resolution4K@30hz4K@30hz
USB Interface3x USB Type-A 3.02x USB Type-A 3.0, 1x USB Type-C 3.0
Wireless Casting via DonglePlug and play, no software or driver requiredNot plug-n-play, software required
Wireless Conferencing via DonglePlug and play, no software or driver requiredNot plug-n-play, software required
MultiviewUp to 2 sources on the same screenUp to 2 sources on the same screen

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main features of the eShare W80 wireless presentation system?

The plug-n-play and all-in-one eShare W80 presentation system supports dual HDMI inputs/outputs, with up to 4K resolution.

It  allows you to share contents readily from your PC to a larger screen via an HDMI cable, or cast screen wirelessly with AirPlay, Miracast or eShare D20 USB-C dongle.

Once your USB conferencing devices are connected to eShare W80, you can control them wirelessly with the eShare D20 USB-C dongle.

It is one of the best Clickshare alternatives you should choose for wireless conferencing.

2. How can I cast screen wirelessly with the eShare W80 presentation system?

The eShare W80 presentation system allows you to cast contents wirelessly from your laptop, smartphone or tablet via Miracast, AirPlay or the eShare D20 USB-C dongle.

For iPhone/iPad/Mac, you need to connect your device to eShare’s Wi-Fi hotspot first, open “Control Center” on your device, tap “screen mirroring” and select “eShare W80” to cast your screen.

For Android smartphone, you need to enable the Wi-Fi or WLAN feature of your smartphone first, find the wireless project function in your device’s control center, then select “eShare W80” to cast your screen.

For Windows PC (Window 10 or higher), you need to enable the WLAN feature of your PC. On your PC, press the combination keys “ Windows + K” and select “eShare W80”.

For screen casting with dongle, you need to pair the dongle with eShare W80 first, insert the dongle into your own device (laptop/smartphone/tablet), then click the dongle button to cast your screen.

3. How can I pair the eShare W80 wireless conferencing system with the USB-C dongle?

Plug the USB-C dongle into eShare W80 via the front USB-C port, then they can get paired automatically. Once the pairing is completed, the prompt “Pairing Successful” will appear on the TV connected to eShare W80.

4. Does the presentation system work with a touch-screen panel?

Yes, the presentation system can work with a touch-screen panel/TV. You can connect it to eShare W80 via an HDMI cable and a USB cable.

5. How can I access the presentation system's web UI?

Step 1: Connect the LAN port of the eShare W80 presentation device to a local area network. Ensure there’s a DHCP server in the network so that the device can obtain a valid IP address.
Step 2: Connect a PC to the same network as the device.
Step 3: Input the device’s IP address in a browser and press “Enter”, then the login window will pop up. Input the password (default password: admin) and click “Login” to enter the main page.

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