Enrich Educational Experience with Superior Audio and Video 

AV Access is committed to education. Every day, primary schools, colleges, and universities across the globe install AV Access’s audio/video processing products in various locations to enrich educational experiences. With AV Access’s HDMI/KVM extenders, hybrid conference systems, KVM switches and other devices, schools at all levels can present more engaging lessons, help students absorb and retain what they learn, and create a digital campus where all information are properly disseminated. Now Let’s explore how AV Access can be your trusted partner in creating great educational achievements.

Application of AV Access Products in Different Scenarios

AV Access provide ideal solutions for various scenarios in schools, like classroom learning, information dissemination, student service, meetings and office work. Click each tab below to learn more.

AV Access Education Solutions_Classroom Learning

Classroom Learning & Information Dissemination

Most schools have installed a projector screen or display device in their classrooms to present teaching material to all students in an engaging way. Besides, they may have vast amounts of information to communicate to students, including class schedules, upcoming events, safety regulations, food menus, emergency announcements, etc. These information are often displayed in digital signages and can be found in various locations of the campus, like teaching buildings, cafeterias, libraries, etc. What if the A/V sources are far away from the display devices? AV Access’s highly reliable HDBaseT extenders can be adopted to transmit 4K ultra HD video signal up to 100m/330ft via a CATx cable, ideal for extending teaching materials and disseminating messages.

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AV Access Education Solutions Library

Administrative Service and Interaction

In today’s modern universities, more advanced and smart screens are installed in administrative buildings, school history museums, libraries and other student service centers, like flat panel screens, touch panels, digital signages, etc. With these screens, students and visitors can acquire service information and interact effectively with administrative offices. In these scenarios, AV Access’s high-quality KVM extenders can be installed to transmit 4K video and USB signals simultaneously up to 120m/390ft, ideal for KVM extension in various locations.

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KVM Extension Across the Building

In some modern buildings of schools, all servers and PCs are installed in an equipment room or control room for better centralized management. However, teachers or instructors need to remotely control these PCs with keyboard, mouse, whiteboard or smartscreen in the lecture halls, multi-media classrooms, art centers, etc. AV Access 4KIP100-KVM IP extender can work flawlessly with a universal Gigabit Ethernet switch. It can transmit 4K@30hz HDMI and USB 2.0 signals over single Cat5e/6 cable up to 120m/390ft. Up to 16 sets of extender kits can work together in the same LAN to help achieve KVM extension across the whole building.

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AV Access Education Solutions_Informational Vide Wall

Informational Video Wall

Video walls have been growing in popularity at schools, largely due to their brightness, image clarity, and limitless configuration possibilities. They’re also more long-lasting and cost-effective than large TVs. With AV Access HDIP100 HDMI over IP solution, the IT staff of the school can easily build a video wall up to 8×8 within minutes and just on the mobile app. Besides, they can freely distribute different video sources to the screens at a max distance of 394ft/120m. Now it is easier than ever to disseminate important information on the large video wall in large meeting rooms, stadiums, lecture halls, etc.

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AV Access Education Solutions_Active Learning Room

Meetings, Presentations & Collaborations

Clear and effective communication in meetings is crucial to all fields, including school students and staff. Whether in conference rooms, active learning rooms, or collaboration spaces, video presentations and remote collaborations are essential. AV Access’s eShare series conference systems, together with webcams and speakerphones, allow teachers, students and administrative staff to make prefect video presentations and collaborate with remote attendees effectively.

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AV Access Education Solutions_Deal With Office Work

Deal with Office Work

Nowadays, more teaching and administrative staff work on two or more computers to deal with office work, like IT engineer or accountant. However, setting up multiple monitors, keyboards and mice can cost a lot of money and make their desk far too crowded. In this case, AV Access KVM switches enable them to control up to four source devices/PCs with only one set of USB devices. They are ideal for office areas where KVM switching is required.

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AV Access in Education Spaces

Some of the world’s prestigious universities rely on AV Access. When AV Access’s advanced technology combines with a university’s innovative learning approaches, students in the classrooms are impacted in ways never before possible. AV Access’s HDMI extenders, KVM extenders and other devices allows them to present more engaging lessons, help students absorb and retain what they learn, and create a digital campus where all information are properly disseminated. Here are some of our clients.


University of Toronto

AV Access Education Solutions_University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

AV Access Education Solutions_University of Quebec in Outaouais

University of Quebec in Outaouais

AV Access Education Solutions_The Regents of the University of California

The Regents of the University of California

AV Access Education Solutions_College of Southern Idaho

College of Southern Idaho

AV Access Education Solutions_Wilkes-Barre Area School District

Wilkes-Barre Area School District

AV Access Education Solutions_ Case Study

Case Study

A new school in Finland was planning to install A/V equipment in 20 multimedia classrooms and meeting rooms in one of its teaching buildings. All these devices needed to be connected to the equipment room in the first floor for centralized management. Finally, the school staff chose AV Access 4KIP100-KVM IP extender for both KVM extension and centralized management. Click the button below to learn more about this case.

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