Offer Enjoyable Dining Experience with Finest Video and Sound

Usually, your customers are expecting more than just great food and drinks when they come to your restaurant or sports bar — they are seeking a pleasurable experience. Audio and video play an important role in that experience, so it is necessary to invest more in this area for your establishment. AV Access’s Plug-n-play distributed IP matrix system, highly-reliable HDBaseT extenders and powerful matrixes will ensure that your patrons enjoy the best screen viewing experience possible.

What are the common A/V requirements for sports bars/restaurants?

Large Display Screen & Separate TV Screens

A display screen in the central area like large TV, project screen or video wall is essential because they should be visible from every seat in your bar. For sports fans, both picture size and picture quality really matter. Besides, some large restaurants and sports bars need individual screens at each booth or table, so that each customer can easily operate his or her TV and clearly hear the audio without disturbing other patrons.

A/V Extension & Distribution

For some large bars or restaurants, it is important to put all equipment, like set-top box, DVD, PC, ethernet switch and wireless router in one room for better centralized management. In terms of audio/video extension, HDMI extenders can transmit the source signals from the equipment room to the bar area at a long distance.

Matrix Switching

An A/V matrix can enable multiple sources to be linked to multiple HD screens. Bar staff can choose which source plays through which screen centrally at the bar, with no need to change the channel with a remote. It is important that the TV screens have the right quality to show graphics, details and more importantly movement. Generally speaking, the larger your sports bar is, the more sources and screens you need.

Multi-Zone Distributed Audio

Your customers need to listen to the game they’re watching. Multi-zone audio systems can ensure one game’s play-by-play commentary doesn’t drown out the audio from a different game.

Intuitive Control System

With a centralized control system, staff members can spend less time looking for remotes and more time mixing drinks. Also, they can quickly manage all of A/V systems from a single remote or tablet.

Digital Signage

The marketing benefits of digital signage can be substantial. Some advantages are immediately apparent: marketing messages can be changed frequently, and today’s consumers pay more attention to video marketing. In short, it can help sports bars or restaurant increase digital marketing efforts.

HDIP100 AV over IP Solution
– Perfect for Medium and Large Sports Bar/Restaurant, Bring Your Patron Ultimate Audiovisual Enjoyment

HDIP100E/HDIP100D is AV Access’s brand-new HDMI over IP encoder/decoder featuring zero configuration. It is designed for users without any IP knowledge, as easy as HDBaseT products. With HDIP100, you can easily build a distributed IP matrix system with video wall function just on the mobile App. It is a perfect solution for medium and large sports bar and restaurant applications as it can meet all your needs for AV extension, distribution, switching, video wall, mobile centralized control, etc. Its key features include:
⭐Real plug and play; works with universal Ethernet switches; no dedicated IGMP Gigabit switch required;
⭐One pair of encoder and decoder can work together to transmit 1080P HD video signal up to 394ft/120m;
⭐Easy to build a flexible and scalable distributed IP matrix system;
⭐Easy visual control with iPhone and iPad, Andriod smartphone and tablet, Windows PC and tablet;
⭐Supports video wall up to 16×16 with different layouts;
⭐Supports fast seamless switching.
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Maybe you are just running a small business. An HDMI extender or an HDMI matrix switch is probably right for you if you just need to distribute several sources to several display screens or digital signages.
AV Access_Sports Bar Solution

4KMX44-H2 HDMI Matrix Switch
– All-in-One Solution for Small Bars/Restaurants

4KMX44-H2 is a compact 4×4 HDMI matrix switch with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 compatibility. It features not only basic functions like cross-point switching and control (IR, RS-232, IP), but also advanced functions like auto-downscaling for each HDMI output when it is connected to 1080P display. With its compact and handy design, it can cater to all you needs for A/V establishment in a small sports bars or restaurant. Its key features include:
⭐All HDMI inputs and outputs support HDMI with HDR formats, including HDR 10, HLG, DOLBY VISION up to 4K@60 4:4:4;
⭐Built-in 4K-1080P downscaler for each HDMI output;
⭐Each HDMI output has a SPDIF audio breakout, and supports formats up to 5CH HBR or 2CH PCM audio;
⭐Supports smart EDID, each input can be assigned to smart EDID mode;
⭐Rich control options, including RS232 control, IR, IP Control and front panel buttons control;
⭐Supports audio mute, four SPDIF outputs can be muted separately by API commands;
⭐Supports upgrading firmware via both micro-USB and web UI (for MCU and web module).
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4KEX70-H2 HDMI Extender
– Highly Reliable HDMI Extension for Your Bars/Restaurants

4KEX70-H2 is a slim HDBT transmitter receiver set. It supports resolutions up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 8bit and HDCP 2.2, transporting HDMI signal up to 131ft (40m) at 4K and up to 230ft (70m) at 1080P via a CATX cable, along with bi-directional IR and power.
The transmitter and receiver are easy to install. They can be used in HDMI signal extension from you video source to a TV or a digital signage. They are space saving and offer ideal solutions for a small sports bars or restaurant. Its key features include:
⭐Supports HDMI 2.0 with 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 8bit and HDCP 2.2;
⭐Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) format;
⭐Over a Cat 6a/7 cable, HDMI signal transport up to 230ft (70m) at 1080P and 131ft (40m) at 4K@60Hz (4:4:4);
⭐Over a Cat 5e/6 cable, HDMI signal transport up to 197ft (60m) at 1080P and 115ft (35m) at 4K@60Hz (4:4:4);
⭐Bi-directional PoE: one power supply at either transmitter or receiver side can power both units;
⭐Bi-directional IR/RS232 pass through;
⭐Slim profile, space saving and easy-to-install.
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