Case Study: Enhancing Sports Entertainment with AV Access HDIP100 HDMI over IP Solution in “Office Gaming LLC”

The Challenge

“Office Gaming LLC” is a new sports bar located in Missouri, the United States. The bar owner plans to install 4 DIRECTV satellite receiver boxes and 8 TVs for streaming sports games and TV programs. The dining area already has pre-installed Cat6 cables running to the equipment room. The owner wants to place all receiver boxes in the equipment room and distribute HDMI signals to each TV in the dining area. Additionally, the owner prefers to control all sources and displays simultaneously using a mobile device, such as a tablet.

Technical Assessment

Satellite Sports Connection, an American DIRECTV commercial service provider and A/V integrator, is responsible for the A/V equipment installation in this sports bar project.

The key requirements include AV signal extension, distribution, matrix switching, and centralized mobile control. An AV over IP solution is preferred over a traditional matrix switch due to its flexibility, scalability, and compatibility with Ethernet switches.

The secondary requirements, such as 1080P video resolution, have also been confirmed. After careful comparisons and analysis, Satellite Sports Connection has chosen AV Access HDIP100 HDMI over IP solution to meet these needs. The HDIP100 solution is plug-n-play, easy-to-use, and does not require any configuration on the Ethernet switch.

The Solution

In the bar’s equipment room, Satellite Sports Connection has installed 4 sets of HDIP100E encoders, 4 receiver boxes, a 24-port Gigabit PoE Ethernet switch, and a wireless router on the rack. Additionally, 8 sets of HDIP100D decoders and 8 sets of TVs have been installed in the dining and counter areas.


All HDIP100 encoders/decoders and the wireless device are connected to the Gigabit switch via Cat cables for centralized management. The control software, “VDirector,” has been installed on a tablet for visual management and control. The tablet communicates with all the codecs through the Wi-Fi signal generated by the wireless router in the equipment room.



With AV Access HDIP100 HDMI over IP solution, a 1080P distributed IP matrix system has been created. This system meets the needs of AV signal extension, distribution, switching, centralized management, and visual control.

The receiver boxes in the equipment room extend 1080P full HD HDMI signals to the TVs in the dining area through the IP network. This eliminates the need for multiple streaming devices for each TV, reducing equipment costs.

Using the intuitive VDirector App on a tablet, the waiters can easily preview all sources, distribute any source to any display, perform matrix switching, and enable CEC function to turn on/off all connected displays.



That’s all for the sports bar project. AV Access 1080P HDIP100 AV over IP solution successfully meets the requirements for A/V signal extension, distribution, switching, centralized management, visual control, and even supports video wall configurations up to 8×8. Its 4K version 4KIP200E/D can support video resolution up to 4K@30Hz.

The HDIP100 solution is user-friendly, even for users with no prior IP knowledge. The HDMI encoder/decoder seamlessly works with any universal managed or unmanaged Ethernet switch. By installing the VDirector App on a smartphone, tablet, or computer and connecting it to a wireless router, users can effortlessly build a distributed IP matrix system with a video wall configuration up to 8×8.

Please visit the product page for further details if you are interested.

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