Case Study: Application of HDIP100 AV over IP Solution in Sports Bars to Build a Distributed IP Matrix System

The Challenge

Amity Hall” and “The Tavern”, two new sports bars are respectively located in New York and New Jersey. In both sports bars, there were originally about 10 pairs of television and receiver box installed at every booth. Each receiver box was installed behind the television for streaming sport games and TV programs. It was found that there were two major problems about this setup. First of all, it could not meet the needs of AV signal distribution and switching. If more customers come to the bar for drinks and sports games, more TVs and receiver boxes would need to be installed on the new booths, which would undoubtedly result in extra equipment cost. Second, it was not convenient for the waiters and IT staff to control all these sources and displays at the same time. Therefore, the two bar owners decided to search for a new solution that can meet the needs of A/V signal distribution, matrix switching and centralized management.

Technical Assessment

Apple Communication, an American audiovisual equipment integrator was in charge of these two sports bar projects and responsible for the installation of A/V equipment. First of all, some key requirements were confirmed: AV extension, distribution, switching and centralized control. The two bar owners planned to distribute more than 10 HDMI sources to about 19 TV sets in every booth. All these devices needed to be connected to a main Ethernet switch in the equipment room for centralized management and control. Considering all these key requirements, AV over IP solution was preferred over traditional matrix switcher solution due to its flexibility, scalability and compatibility with Ethernet switch. Secondary requirements were also confirmed like 1080P video resolution and video wall function. After careful comparisons and analyses, Apple Communication decided to adopt AV Access HDIP100 AV over IP solution to meet the needs above. 15 sets of HDIP100E encoder and 19 sets of HDIP100D decoder were installed in both bars.

HDIP100 Project_ (2)

The Solution

Both bars adopted the same network setup. In the equipment room, there were originally a main Ethernet switch and a wireless access point device. Then, with the help of Apple Communication, another 48-port managed Gigabit PoE switch, 15 sets of HDIP100E encoder and some HDMI source devices were installed on an AV rack. A HDIP100D decoder and a TV were also installed for previewing HDMI sources streamed to the dining area. The managed PoE switch and all the codecs are working on their own separate VLAN coming from the main switch. In the booth and counter areas, 18 sets of HDIP100D decoder and 18 sets of TV were installed.

All HDIP100 encoders and decoders are connected to the 48-port managed Gigabit PoE switch via CAT5e/6 cable for centralized management. The source devices include some set-top boxes, some DVDs, a laptop and a desktop computer. In addition, “VDirector”, control software was installed on an iPad for visual management and control. Though Wi-Fi signal generated by the wireless access point device in the equipment room, the iPad can transmit and receive the information of all codecs. Considering the bar layout and equipment cost, video wall displays were not installed. The connection diagram is as follows:

HDIP100 Connection Diagram for Sports Bar


With AV Access HDIP100 AV over IP solution, now a distributed IP matrix system is created. It can meet the needs of AV extension, distribution, switching, centralized management and visual control.

a. The sources devices in the equipment room are able to transmit 1080P full HD HDMI signal to the TV displays in the dinning area through IP network.This system is able to distribute a few sports game sources to multiple TVs. Thus, there is no need to install multiple streaming devices for each TV, which has greatly reduced equipment cost for the bar.

HDIP100 Project_ (6)

b. With the intuitive VDirector Appinstalled on an iPad, the waiters can easily preview all sources, distribute any source to any display, perform matrix switching, and enable CEC function to turn on/off all connected displays. It is easier than before to control all these devices.

HDIP100 Project_ (3)


That’s all for the two sports bar projects. HDIP100 AV over IP solution can meet users’ needs for AV extension, distribution, switching, centralized management, visual control and video wall, ideal for sports bar and restaurant, as well as shopping mall, retail store, casino, school, house of worship, etc. It is a plug-n-play and easy-to-use IP solution, which boasts matrix switching, video wall support, easy visual control, fast seamless switching and other amazing features. The HDMI encoder/decoder can work easily with any universal managed or unmanaged Ethernet switch on the market. Just install the VDirector App on a smartphone, tablet or computer, connect the control device to a wireless router, then you can effortlessly build a distributed IP matrix system with video wall function.

Please visit the product page for further details if you are interested.

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