Engage Your Congregation with Superior Audio and Video 

AV Access can provide your house of worship with state-of-the-art A/V products that are versatile, functional, and effective, encouraging all members to participate in the worship experience. Our HDBase-T HDMI extenders, HDMI splitters and distributed IP matrix system and are plug-n-play and easy-to-use. They can grant your priest, pastor or clergyman with a seamless and user-friendly setup to communicate content and information to your parish.

Basic Requirement: Large TV/Projection Screen

More and more churches are mounting large-screen TVs on either side of the sanctuary to show presentations and videos to their congregation. Many worship leaders are using large TVs to present hymns and music lyrics to make it easier for the congregation to follow along. Usually, they need to distribute one video source to two TV sets at a distance. In this case, one 1×2 HDMI splitter and two HDBase-T HDMI extenders can be used together to achieve this purpose and form a basic solution for church.

Typical Connection Diagram for Basic Requirement

Recommended Products for Basic Requirement

Advanced Requirement: Video Walls

Video walls have been growing in popularity at houses of worship, largely due to their brightness, image clarity, and limitless configuration possibilities. They’re also more long-lasting and cost-effective than large TVs. With AV Access HDIP100 HDMI over IP solution, the worship leader can easily build a video wall up to 8×8 within minutes and just on palms. Besides, they can freely distribute different video sources to the screens at a max distance of 394ft/120m. Now it is easier than ever to enhance your worship services.

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Others Requirements: Digital Signages

Communicate with your guests effectively by adopting engaging digital lobby signage in place of static bulletin boards. Post welcome messages or announcements to strengthen engagement and a sense of community. Display event information like service times and dates, fundraisers, and community events. AV Access’s HDBase-T extenders can transmit 4K Ultra HD HDMI signal up to 100m/330ft via a CATx cable, ideal for extending messages to your digital signages.

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