Work Efficiently in All Your Spaces

Nowadays, companies worldwide are constantly faced with the challenges of inspiring performance and boosting productivity while exploiting the opportunities that new and emerging markets bring. AV Access’s enterprise room solutions optimize workflow and resource management, so that your company staff can work smarter and more efficiently. We simplify and streamline the technologies throughout your corporate facility, including, meeting spaces, conference spaces, staff areas, free form spaces and other areas.

Meeting/Conference Spaces

For a large conference room, people usually need to connect different sources, and display them through a projector, a video wall, or multiple display devices. However, for small and medium-sized meeting rooms, there are fewer types of video sources connected, and one or two display devices can meet the demand. Depending on the size of the meeting room, AV Access provides different solutions.

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Free Form Spaces

A large company usually has wide public areas, including reception areas, lounges or other public spaces. Sometimes you want to transmit your company profile video from the equipment room to the reception area, or share valuable information via a digital signage in front of the conference room. AV Access’s HDMI extenders can transmit 4K Ultra HD video up to 100m/330ft via a CATx cable, ideal for long-distance HDMI signal extension.

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Staff Areas

Nowadays, more office employees own two, three or more computers, like technical analyst or data analyst. However, setting up three monitors, three keyboards and three mice can cost a lot of money and make your desk far too crowded. AV Access KVM switches allow you to control up to four source devices/PCs with only one set of USB devices. They are ideal for office areas where you need KVM switching.

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