Provide Quality Service for Citizens

Government agencies across the globe are discovering the ability of effective and modern audiovisual systems to enhance communication and collaboration. With AV Access’s KVM extenders, matrix switches, USB peripherals and other devices, government employees can communicate, collaborate and provide better services for citizens.

Public Information Sharing

In today’s government agencies, more screens are integrated in administrative service halls, lobbies, public walkways and other physical structures, like flat panel screens, touch panels, digital signages, etc. With these screens, public citizens can acquire service information and interact effectively with government offices. AV Access’s 4KIP100-KVM extender can transmit 4K HDMI and USB 2.0 signals via CATx cable up to 120m/390ft, ideal for KVM extension within the government building.

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Meetings & Presentations

Clear and effective communication in meetings is crucial to all industries, including government agencies. Especially in training programs, staff meetings or public hearings forums, they often need to deploy modern audiovisual equipment. AV Access’s HDMI matrix switches enable up to four ultra HD sources to be independently routed to up to four ultra HD displays, ideal for A/V presentation and switching.

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Video Conferencing & Collaboration

An effective video conferencing system can connect government employees in multiple locations while reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming travel. It can also easily connect government agencies to citizens through virtual town halls and other similar events. AV Access’s USB webcam and speakerphones are must-have devices to build a complete and powerful conferencing system.

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