Home Office Setup Made Easier

Due to the ensuing lockdowns caused by COVID-19, more and more company employees choose to work from home. AV Access home office devices like USB camera, USB speakerphone, KVM switch can help improve your work efficiency and facilitate your life while working from home, especially during this pandemic period.

What devices do you usually need for home office?

USB Peripherals: Easily connect to your computer/laptop via USB interface, like keyboard, mouse, flash drive, printer, USB hub, etc. As remote video conferences become more and more common, USB camera, speakerphone or other PC conference system devices are frequently used for working from home.
KVM Switches: Offer you a quick and cost-effective way to access several computers with just a single monitor, keyboard and mouse; switch between different PCs easily.
Work From Home Solution_AnyCo A5 Speakerphone Pic 1

AnyCo A5 USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone
– Hold a Meeting Anywhere at Home

In a web conference, holding up a phone to your ear or wearing an earphone for more than a few hours can be harmful to your ears. While modern smartphones do have speakerphone facility, most of them are not good enough for clear sound pickup. In this case, you need a Bluetooth USB speakerphone like AnyCo A5 to free your hands and ears. As it is portable and versatile, you can talk hand-free, create a virtual conference or listen to music anywhere at home.
Its key features include:
⭐Acoustic Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction
⭐Voice Enhancement & 360° Voice Pickup
⭐Wide Coverage, AGC Voice Balance, Full-Duplex Audio
⭐Plug & Play, Truly Wireless, Universal Compatibility
⭐Touch-Control Buttons & Smart LED Indicators
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Work From Home Solution_BizEye 50 USB Webcam Pic 1

BizEye50 1080P USB Webcam
– Present Your Best Image in a Video Conference

BizEye50 1080P full HD webcam can hold you accountable and focused, and create better connections and engagement with your team in a video conference. It boasts advanced PureImage image optimization technology, top-of-the-line lens and image sensor. With its plug-n-play feature, high compatibility, privacy cover and flexible mounting options, the webcam can be applicable to web conferencing, live streaming, video calling and recording, etc.
Its key features include:
⭐Advanced PureImage Image Optimization Technology
⭐First-Class Image Sensor & Distortion-Less Lens
⭐Built-in Auto Noise-Reducing Microphone
⭐High Compatibility, Plug & Play
⭐Privacy Lens Cover & Mounting Clip
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Meeting Room Solutions_4KSW41-KVM Switch

4KSW41-KVM Switch
– Most Recommended Product for Easier Home Office Setup

4KSW41-KVM is a 4×1 HDMI KVM switch with HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.2 compatibility. It supports video resolution up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4, multi-channel audio and other amazing features. It allows you to control up to four USB source devices/computers with only one set of USB 2.0 compliant devices. Its key features include:
⭐ Supports three USB-A port for USB keyboard, USB mouse and other USB2.0 devices to control one of the four computers;
⭐Supports switching the KVM input port by push button on the front panel, the HDMI input and USB input are switched simultaneously;
⭐Supports one microphone input and one headphone output for audio application;
⭐Wide compatibility with Windows 10/8/7 XP, Mac OS and Linux;
⭐No driver required and simple plug and play.
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Home Entertainment Solutions_4KSW41 KVM Application-Diagram
Work From Home Solution_U3SW24 USB 3.0 Switch

U3SW24 USB 3.0 Switch
Switch and Hub in One, Your Best Assistant

U3SW24 is a specially designed USB 3.0 switch, which can work as a USB hub. It allows two PCs to share four USB 3.0 devices. It easily switches between systems via push buttons with LED indicating the active computer. It is also plug-n-play compatible, no additional driver installation needed. Its key features include:

⭐Allows 2 computers to share 4 USB 3.0 peripheral devices;

⭐Supports super speed USB 3.0 data transfer rates up to 5Gb/s;

⭐Backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices;

⭐One button, simple switching with LED indicators;

⭐Plug and play, no additional driver installation needed;

⭐Able to be powered by any USB HOST port.

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