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4K KVM Extenders

These four models of 4K KVM extender are hot-sellers that support up to 100m/330ft transmission distance (KVM over IP up to 120m/390ft.) and 4K UHD premium image quality. Easily connect and play with a CAT cable. They can easily handle extension needs for companies, education centers, control rooms, etc.

4K KVM Extender High-end

It transmits 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 up to 100m/330ft over HDBaseT, and supports HDCP 2.2, RS232, IR control, Analog Audio, PoE from Transmitter to Receiver and Ethernet pass-through.

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4K DisplayPort KVM Extender

It transmits 4K@30hz, 1080P@120hz DisplayPort signal up to 100m/330ft over single CAT6/7 cable, along with stereo audio and USB 2.0 extension.Zero latency, ideal for PC game control.

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4K HDMI KVM Extender

It transmits 4K@60hz HDMI signal up to 100m/330ft over single CAT6/7 cable; This HDBaseT 2.0 extender supports 4x USB 2.0, 3.5mm stereo & RS232 pass-through, PoH. Built-in DIP switch for EDID management.

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4K KVM Extender over IP

It transmits 4K@30hz HDMI and USB 2.0 signals over a single Cat5e/6/7 cable up to 120m/390ft with no latency; supports 1080P@120Hz and 7.1-channel audio. Up to 16 sets can work together via an Ethernet switch.

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Best-seller: IP KVM Extender

Best-seller: 4K IP KVM Extender

It transmits 4K@30hz/1080P@120HZ HDMI and USB 2.0 signals over a single Cat5e/6/7 cable up to 120m/390ft with no latency; supports 7.1-channel audio for a wonderful gaming experience. Up to 16 sets can work together via a standard Gigabit Ethernet switch without VLAN settings.

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KVM Extender for Dual Monitors

Zero-Latency 1080P Dual Monitor HDMI KVM Extender

HDMI 1.3 & HDCP 1.4 compliant. Transmits dual 1080P full HD HDMI signal up to 60m/197ft over a single Cat 5e/6/6a/7 cable, with zero loss or delay. Easily connect up to four USB 2.0 peripherals. PoC supported.

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1080P KVM Extender

Best value for money. Zero-Latency 1080P HDMI KVM Extender with2-Port USB 2.0 for 80m/260ft.

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DisplayPort KVM Extender

4K displayport kvm extender

Zero-Latency 4K DisplayPort KVM Extender to extend 100m/330ft over HDBaseT with 2-Port USB 2.0. Support 1080P@120Hz, PoE & RS232.

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How Does A KVM Extender Work?

A KVM extender contains a transmitter(TX) and a receiver(RX). Most of them are connected through a CATx cable. The TX will connect to the computer end and the RX will connect to the display and USB devices at the user station.

Besides video, audio, and USB ports, some KVM extenders will integrate RS232 and infrared (IR) connections for control. The KVM transmiter encrypts the signals from the computer and sends them over to the KVM receiver unit. These signals will be decoded by the receiver unit and stream to the devices like display, keyboard, mouse and headset.

how does a kvm extender work

KVM Extender Applications

Surveillance Control Room

KVM extenders enable people to monitor and control the security system in the control room. Important security images are brought together and professionals can streamline their work and content control.

4K KVM extenders bring high quality picture to the control room and operators can easily zoom-in to scrutinize the monitored space.

 School Server Room

Servers/CPUs are normally stored in the server center in schools so that the IT staff can easily manage them at one place. KVM extenders help connect the server room and the multi-media classrooms. Even with the server miles away, teacher can easily control it through the keyboard, mouse and projector/monitor in the classroom.


Enterprise Data Center

Servers’ maintenance is critical for a company to run reliably. Data center gathers all core servers for central administration and it makes central cooling, hardware protection, maintenance easier to accomplish. In this case, KVM extenders play an indispensible role for employees to have remote access from their workstations and they work in a better enviornment as the bulk of heat and noise is placed away.

Working & Gaming Wherever You Want

A KVM extender offers multi-site access to the equipment. Can you imagine enjoy your favourite video game in the courtyard? Your gaming console will be safe in the game room and the KVM extender will send video and USB signals to where you want.

KVM Extender FAQs

1. For the KVM extender, can I run one transmitter with two receivers?

No. AV Access KVM extenders are sold in pair.

  • HDBaseT KVM extenders only support one-to-one direct connection.
  • KVM extenders over IP can be connected through a network switch. Connect them in pair and they handle multiple one-to-one connection and easy routing through DIP switch.
2. Will AV Access KVM extender work with a KVM switch?

Yes, basically a KVM extender could work with a KVM switch. You shall talk to our sales about what you wanna accomplish and they would be happy to give you the product advice.

3. Does a KVM extender work with a USB Bluetooth adpater?

Yes. The USB hub on the KVM extender works any other USB hubs. Hence, Bluetooth adapter is good as long as you use the USB device within the signal range and a proper bandwidth.

4. Are these KVM extenders compatible with any CAT cable?

Not exactly. It depends on which specific model of KVM extender you are talking about. Generally speaking, AV Access KVM extender would work with Cat5e/Cat6 or above cable. But we strongly recommend that you shall check the cable requirement information in the specific product page.

5. Can AV Access KVM extender work with an ultrawide monitor?

Yes, the video signal will be transmitted as it should no matter what kind of monitor you are using. However, you may want to consider two things. Firstly, the video source itself shall be ultra-wide; secondly, your target KVM extender has enough bandwidth to run the certain resolution.