Easily Connect, Present and Collaborate

In today’s fast-developing business world, clear and effective communication in meetings is critical to success. To improve communication efficiency in meetings, a company need to deploy technologies that allow their staff to collaborate without problems. AV Access’ meeting room solutions can make your company’s every meeting productive. We provide KVM switches, HDMI matrixes, distributed IP matrix system and USB peripherals that will allow you to create an environment that promotes teamwork.

What are the common A/V requirements for meeting rooms?

Engaging Audio_Meeting Room Solutions

Engaging Audio

You need to ensure all ears in the room captivated with crisp, clear and reliable audio, especially in a large conference room or in a remote conference. Thus, sometimes a speakerphone, microphone, speaker is required for audio transmission.

Video Distribution & Switching_Meeting Room Solutions

Video Distribution & Switching

The first thing people notice when walking into a meeting room is the display. The display enables you to view presentations and share contents on the screen with your devices. Depending on the size of the meeting room, the required numbers of video source and display may vary.

Easy Presentation_Meeting Room Solutions

Easy Presentation

Whether you present in a wired or wireless way, it is important for every attendee to easily connect from anywhere in the room. Some accessories like connected table box are required, as it includes electrical outlets for charging or a wired connection for plug and play.

BYOD Collaboration_Meeting Room Solutions

BYOD Collaboration

A reliable presentation system allows everyone to present from any device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. It will contribute to a more productive meeting if the system can turn the main display into a whiteboard.

Remote Participation_Meeting Room Solutions

Remote Participation

If your meeting room is prepared for remote conference, it will need to be equipped with a camera, a speakerphone, a dedicated conference PC, etc. This can range from a small meeting system in a huddle room to something more sophisticated in larger spaces.

Simple Control_Meeting Room Solutions

Simple Control

To easily control every A/V device in the room, sometimes a control panel is necessary to improve teamwork efficiency. It should be easy for employees to get in the conference room and connect to video calls or launch presentations. The system allows you to transition from a screen sharing presentation to video conferencing, all with a single touch.

Different meeting rooms can hold different numbers of people, thus have different needs. For example, a large conference room needs to access various video sources and switch between them. It also requires more display devices and larger display screens. In a word, people usually need to connect to different sources, and display them through a projector, a video wall, or multiple display devices.
However, for small and medium-sized meeting rooms, there are fewer types of video sources connected, and one or two display devices can meet the demand. Depending on the size of the meeting room, AV Access provides different solutions.
Meeting Room Solution_HDIP100 for large meeting room

HDIP100 AV over IP Solution
– Supports Multiple Displays and Video Wall, Ideal for Large Meeting Room

HDIP100E/HDIP100D is AV Access’s brand-new HDMI over IP encoder/decoder featuring zero configuration. It is designed for users without any IP knowledge, as easy as HDBaseT products. With HDIP100, you can easily build a distributed IP matrix system with video wall function just on the mobile App. It is an ideal solution for large meeting room as it can meet all your needs for AV extension, distribution, switching, video wall, mobile centralized control, etc. Its key features include:
⭐Real plug and play; works with universal Ethernet switches; no dedicated IGMP Gigabit switch required;
⭐One pair of encoder and decoder can work together to transmit 1080P HD video signal up to 394ft/120m;
⭐Easy to build a flexible and scalable distributed IP matrix system;
⭐Easy visual control with iPhone and iPad, Andriod smartphone and tablet, Windows PC and tablet;
⭐Supports video wall up to 16×16 with different layouts;
⭐High-Efficiency H.265 video codec; supports fast seamless switching. 
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Meeting Room Solutions_4KMX44-H2 HDMI Matrix Switch

4KMX44-H2 HDMI Matrix Switch
– Ideal Solution for Common Conference Room

4KMX44-H2 is a compact 4×4 HDMI matrix switch with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 compatibility. It features not only basic functions like cross-point switching and control (IR, RS-232, IP), but also advanced functions like auto-downscaling for each HDMI output when it is connected to 1080P display. With its compact and handy design, it can cater to all you needs for A/V establishment in a common conference room. Its key features include:
⭐All HDMI inputs and outputs support HDMI with HDR formats, including HDR 10, HLG, DOLBY VISION up to [email protected] 4:4:4;
⭐Built-in 4K-1080P downscaler for each HDMI output;
⭐Each HDMI output has a SPDIF audio breakout, and supports formats up to 5CH HBR or 2CH PCM audio;
⭐Supports smart EDID, each input can be assigned to smart EDID mode;
⭐Rich control options, including RS232 control, IR, IP Control and front panel buttons control;
⭐Supports audio mute, four SPDIF outputs can be muted separately by API commands;
⭐Supports upgrading firmware via both micro-USB and web UI (for MCU and web module).
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Other HDMI Matrix Switches Recommended for Common Conference Rooms

Meeting Room Solutions_4KSW41-KVM Switch

4KSW41-KVM Switch
– Ideal for Huddle Spaces/ Small Meeting Rooms

4KSW41-KVM is a 4×1 HDMI KVM switch with HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.2 compatibility. It supports video resolution up to [email protected] 4:4:4, multi-channel audio and other amazing features. It allows you to control up to four USB source devices/computers with only one set of USB 2.0 compliant devices. Its key features include:
⭐ Supports three USB-A port for USB keyboard, USB mouse and other USB2.0 devices to control one of the four computers; 
⭐Supports switching the KVM input port by push button on the front panel, the HDMI input and USB input are switched simultaneously; 
⭐Supports one microphone input and one headphone output for audio application;
⭐Wide compatibility with Windows 10/8/7 XP, Mac OS and Linux; 
⭐No driver required and simple plug and play.
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AnyCo A5 USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone
– Ideal for Huddle Spaces/ Small Meeting Rooms

In a corporate meeting room, it is necessary to install or place a conference speakerphone at the center position of the conference table for omni-directional voice pickup and audio amplification. AnyCo A5 professional full-duplex conference speakerphone can pick up sounds from every angle of the meeting space and ensure everyone can hear the far end clearly. Especially in a multi-person video conferencing, AnyCo A5 can guarantee effective communication and improve teamwork efficiency.
Its key features include:
⭐Acoustic Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction
⭐Voice Enhancement & 360° Voice Pickup
⭐Wide Coverage, AGC Voice Balance, Full-Duplex Audio
⭐Plug & Play, Truly Wireless, Universal Compatibility
⭐Touch-Control Buttons & Smart LED Indicators 
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