Education Solutions


MediaFly-300 is so perfect that it can meet the needs of most modern education spaces. 
It is practical, flexible, reliable, and most importantly, it almost needs no configuration. 



The MediaFly-300 system can distribute the selected video source to several remote screens or projectors. The number of decoders can be flexibly deployed according to the application needs.

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Active Learning 

The IP streaming capability of Pixelfly MediaFly-600 system
connects all groups and lecturer together. It has preset modes like lecture mode and free discussion mode, so you can enjoy one-click control of the discussion process. 

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The AV distribution solution for campus is designed as a flexible solution to present any source on any display without space limitation in the campus, such as broadcasting a live sport competition held at sports stadium on the displays in canteen, performing arts center, etc, and make the control easy like IT management.

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