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 ● Check that all the devices are powered on.
 ● Check that all the cables are qualified and connected properly.
 ● Check the IP address and subnet mask of your computer. Your computer, decoder, encoder and Ethernet switch should be in the same network segment. Therefore, set your computer's IP address as 169.254.X.X and subnet mask
 ● Check the Windows Firewall.
 ●Taking Windows 7 as an example: Click Start menu, go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall > Allowed Programs, select both Home/Work (Private) and Public for PC configurator and Maintain Tool.
  For PC configurator (HDMI over IP Console): 

For Maintain Tool:

 Perform searching for some more times via PC configurator or MaintainTool.
 Disconnect the Ethernet cables from your computer, decoder, encoder or Ethernet switch, and then connect them.
 Restart PC configurator, MaintainTool, decoder, encoder or your computer.
 Check that Ethernet switch is configured properly, and that IGMP snooping is enabled.
 If you are using a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch or lower, replace it with a gigabit Ethernet switch or higher.