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USB Extender over Ethernet

These two USB 2.0 extender kits extend USB signals over ethernet up to 60m/197ft. Both of them come with a power supply and extend a 4-port USB 2.0 hub. U2EX50 shall be powered on the receiver end and U2EX60 supports one-way PoC and shall be powered on the transmitter end. They are ideal for home office, gaming, home surveillance, live streaming, video conferencing, etc.

How Does PoC Work for a USB Extender?

A USB extender kit over ethernet consists of a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX). The TX shall be connected to the host computer and the RX shall be connected to your USB peripherals like the keyboard, mouse and headphone. An CAT cable (CAT5E or above) links TX & RX together, and if the extender kit supports PoC (Power over Cable), not only USB signals, but also electricity can travel via the Ethernet cable as well.