4K KVM Switch Sharing 3x USB 2.0 Port, Works with 2x PC, Supports 1080P@240hz & 2560×1440@144hz, Ideal for Home office or Gaming



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HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz with USB 2.0:
Supports latest HDR & Dolby Vision with fantastic audio performance. Also supports 1080P@240Hz/165Hz/144Hz/120Hz/60Hz, and 2560×1440@144Hz/120Hz/60Hz, ideal for gaming, working from home or any entertainment.

Switch Between Two Sets of Computer with 3 USB Ports:
One HDMI out for the display and by push button on the front panel, the HDMI input and USB input are switched simultaneously.

High Compatibility with Audio In/Out:
Works for most popular devices and provides excellent audio.

Two Ways to Switch:
Remote control and front panel button switch supported

User Tips:
The USB cables must be connected to the right port so it could switch along with HDMI.
Does not support USB 3.0 devices.

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