AnyCo M1 Add-on Microphone w/ Echo Cancellation & Noise Suppression, Works with AnyCo V8 Video Bar for Medium/Large Conference Room

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● Innovative Cascaded Function: You can cascade up to 3 units of AnyCo M1 microphones to the AnyCo V8 video bar via mini USB cables. It is easy to expand the video bar’s pickup range to fit your meeting space, especially in a large meeting room.
● Noise Reduction & Voice Enhancement: Supports AEC (acoustic echo cancellation), ANS (automatic noise suppression) and voice enhancement. Even if you work in a noisy environment, it can capture clear voice and ensure effective communication.
● Omni-Directional Voice Pickup: With 4x built-in microphones arranged in a 360° array, a set of AnyCo M1 can pick up clear and natural voice within a distance of 16ft/5m. No shouting is required, even if you stand up and walk around in the room.
● Everyone Sounds Equally Loud: Designed with the advanced AGC (automatic gain control) technology. No matter where you’re sitting in the room, it enhances your voice so everyone sounds equally loud and clear.
● Important Notes: This compact and portable add-on microphone can’t be used alone; it needs to work with the AnyCo V8 video bar. It is built with a touch button to mute/unmute its mics, as well as a status indicator.

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