eShare W80 4K Wireless Presentation System, Works with Dongle for Wireless Conferencing, Dual HDMI out, Multiview, No Software Required

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● One-Click Wireless Conferencing: Once your USB conferencing devices are connected to eShare W80, you can control them wirelessly with the eShare D20 USB-C dongle. Plug the dongle into your own device, click the button and start your video conference in no time. No cable hassles, no software needed, no training required.
●  Dual HDMI Input/Output: eShare W80 boasts 2x HDMI input and 2x HDMI output ports. You can connect it to two HDMI wired sources, like a room PC and a laptop. And with two monitor screens, you can view presentation contents and see remote colleagues at the same time.
●  Innovative Multiview function: When eShare W80 is connected to two sources and one monitor, the dual-view mode will be automatically enabled, so you can view up to 2 sources on the same screen, ideal for comparing different schemes.
●  Wired or Wireless, up to You: eShare W80 allows you to share contents readily from your PC to a larger screen via an HDMI cable, or cast screen wirelessly with AirPlay, Miracast or eShare D20 USB-C dongle. Just bring your laptop, smartphone or tablet and ready to present.
●  USB 3.0 Peripheral Control: Works flawlessly with BizEye series webcams, AnyCo series speakerphones, touch-screen panel or other USB 3.0 peripherals. Capture sharp image and clear voice while giving your presentation in 4K ultra HD image.
●  Set up within Minutes: No software or driver is required, no security issues, just plug and play. Mount it under your table or place on the rack, plug in, and you can present instantly. Also designed with intuitive web UI and OSD to modify settings easily.

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