Economical 1080P IP Decoder, Limitless & Scalable for Matrix/Video Wall



Powerful Distributed IP Matrix System:
The H.264 IP encoders (NEX-E200) and decoders (NEX-D200) can work together to build a limitless and scalable audio/video matrix system.
Video Wall up to 16x16:
The codecs can also build a video wall up to the dimensions of 16x16 with input/output HDMI resolutions supported up to 1920 x 1080@60Hz.
Flexible Control Options:
The control options include RS232, IP control box (NEX-MC10), PC configurator (PF-IP Console), PF-IP Touch and PF-IP Upgrade (for firmware upgrade).
PoE Power Supply:
The decoder can be powered by compatible power source equipment (e.g. PoE Ethernet switch) through PoE, eliminating the need for a nearby power outlet.
Wide Application:
Widely applicable to conference rooms, shopping malls, hotels, monitoring centers, schools and corporate training environments, etc.

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