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Featured Solutions

Meeting Room

Hybrid meetings are becoming increasingly popular among companies worldwide due to the pandemic, AV Access provides eShare series presentation systems so you can make your company’s every meeting productive.

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Bars & Restaurants

Usually, your customers are expecting more than just great food and drinks when they come to your restaurant or sports bar — they are seeking a pleasurable experience. Audio and video play an important role in that experience.

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Shopping Mall & Retail store

With the right use of audio, video, lighting and other interior decorations, your properties can keep your guests immersed in your store with the form of digital ads, wayfinding or emergency alerts.

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Church & House of Worship

Plug-n-play and easy-to-use A/V products such as HDMI extenders, HDMI splitters can grant your pastor, priest or clergy a seamless and user-friendly setup to communicate richer content and information to your parish.

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Home Entertainment

AV Access’s premium extenders, switches, and converters simplify the creation of a seamless home entertainment system. Experience unlimited pleasure in the comfort of your own home.

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Home Office

AV Access home office devices like USB cameras, USB speakerphones, and KVM switches can help improve your work efficiency and facilitate your life while working from home.

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Enterprise Room

AV Access optimizes enterprise room solutions for efficient workflow and resource management. Our streamlined technologies enhance meeting spaces, conference rooms, staff areas, and more.

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With AV Access’ advanced AV equipments, schools at all levels can present a more engaging curriculum, help students absorb and retain what they learn, and create a digital campus where all information is properly disseminated.

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Government Agencies

Government agencies across the globe are discovering the importance of building effective A/V systems. It enables government employees to effectively communicate, collaborate, and provide superior services to citizens.

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